Ragdoll Relaxation

Ragdoll Kitten: Napping On An Ironing BoardIt has been nearly three months since I last posted anything about Princess; so it is time for a little update.

As I mentioned in the last update, Princess isn’t very lady like. For whatever reason, she has taken to sleeping in her perfectly lady-like position in the doorway of our bedroom. At night, if she isn’t sleeping on her back in the doorway; you can be sure she is sprawled over one of our bedside tables.

To unwind from a stressful day, Princess likes to play with her toys. One of her favourite toys is a simple household clothes peg; she thinks they are just great. She has been known to play with them on her own steam for hours at a time and also retrieve them too! A little while ago, we kept on losing her favourite pegs and we couldn’t work out where they were vanishing to. On the weekend, Claire and I decided we’d hunt the house high and low to find out where Princess has been stashing them. After checking all the expected places, we ended up being very surprised!

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