Movolution 2014

Movember 2014 is over and it was really successful.

Unlike the bad 80’s porn Mo that I sported in 2013, this years attempt to grow in a set of Chopper Reed handlebars (see my artist impression)¬†will get chocked up as a success, at least in my mind anyway!

Additionally, I managed to push through the $1000 barrier for the charity fundraising element and completed the month at a whopping $1100 – a massive thank you needs to go out to everyone that donated!

Below is the evolution or movolution of my Mo, including it going pink for the last work day of the month to help solicit the last few donations that clearly got me over the line.

Now I just need to work out what style of Mo I’m going to sport next year, sorry Claire!

Alistair Lattimore Movember 2014 Growth Collage


3 thoughts on “Movolution 2014

  1. Well done Al. Not impressed by the style – perhaps the chrome dome is spoiling things!

  2. Nice George ! Good to see some understanding and sympathy. I guess we have to blame Jude for the hair (or at least the loss of it ).

    (Also thinning/receding)

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