Downhill Mountain Biker Versus Peregrine Falcon

Red Bull have built their brand in recent years on the back of sponsoring elite level and extreme sports, whether it is the Red Bull Air Race or the more recent events like Red Bull Stratos where Felix Baumgartner skydived from the 128100 feet and broke the sound barrier on the way back down or the Formula 1!

The video below shows a Red Bull sponsored downhill mountain biking champion racing a peregrine falcon, which happens to be the fastest bird of prey on the planet, down a mountain bike course while the peregrine is swooping and bomb diving him on the cyclists descent attempting to retrieve a bright yellow package from his back.

I love the amazing camera work, it really highlights just how fast and amazingly agile the peregrine falcon is in the wild. Now imagine how the prey must feel when a peregrine bomb dives them at over 320kph and the fastest ever recorded speed was 389kph!