Downhill Skateboarding

I came across this short but fantastic video of a bloke named Liam Morgan tearing down a steep hill in an urban area on his skateboard. What is great about the video is that it is raw, no cuts, no edits, no fancy camera work or angles – just Liam shredding down the hill au naturel on his skateboard.

Pay particular attention to how fast he is going in different sections of the hill and how often he is sliding on his skateboard, not just the big power slides he does but just trying to navigate through turns his skateboard is sliding all on its own.

Remember, don’t do this at home kids – Liam Morgan is a trained professional. These sorts of disclaimers usually include a comment about the stunts being performed in a controlled environment, well that one doesn’t apply this time!

The video is by a skateboard accessories company named Blood Orange and I think Liam is wearing their gloves, using their grip tape on his skateboard deck and might also be using their wheels as well.

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