Hugo Learning To Ride Three Wheel Scooter

For Hugo’s 3rd birthday, he received a fantastic three wheel scooter, helmet and sunglasses. Initially he wasn’t too sure about the whole thing, then it was all the rage and then it went out of flavour again.

Recently it is back in his go to toy list again and he’s been scooting around the house on it and I’ve been encouraging him to push, scoot and glide instead of constantly pushing in an attempt to get him to build his balance.

On the weekend, we popped over to the park near our house to give Hugo a go in a bigger space. To start with he was just happy riding his scooter across the width of the basket ball court but then I suggested that he ‘chase’ me around the outside edge instead – success!

Every indicator at this point is that Hugo will be right handed. However, oddly he was riding his scooter goofy with his right foot on the scooter and pushing with his left leg. While we were circling anti-clockwise, everything was a-okay. When we switched to go around clockwise, Hugo was unsteady as I expected as it is a little harder to turn the same direction as the leg you’re standing on. He stumbled a few times and fell off once but got straight back up and kept on going, which is the main thing.

Next step, hooning & the beginnings of a simple trick!

Having trouble viewing them embedded video, watch Hugo Lattimore Learning To Ride A Scooter on YouTube.