Hugo Learning To Ride A Push Bike

Hugo has been asking for a push bike for Christmas for most of this year. He didn’t want just any old push bike, he specifically wanted an orange push bike with orange stabilizers. Stabilizers, not training wheels or any other sort of name – they were to be called stabilizers.

After the Christmas craziness died down a little, we ventured over to the small basketball court hear our house to see how he’d go. He struggled a little to get moving when stationary, fortunately Evie wast here to provide a push when required – what else are little sisters good for? Once he got moving, Claire and I were really impressed with how well he did.

Hugo received a Zarraffas gift certificate entitling him to a creme fusion recently from his kindergarten. I took Hugo down to Zarraffas one afternoon recently for him to try out a creme fusion for the first time, he was impressed to say the least. Now that he has a brand new push bike, he immediately suggested that we could ride down to Zarraffas (~3Km return) so he could get another delicious drink. Not sure his little legs will be up to it but we might venture down the footpath in a day or two and see how far we get!