Malcolm Holt, Self Promotion & The Simple Things

Malcolm Holt, Gold Coast Senior Executive Jobless After 426 Attempts
Picture, Michael Ross

During my drive to work this morning, at about 8:45AM an advertisement aired on Hot Tomato which was different to the standard stuff. It was a personal advert, promoting a guy by the name of Malcolm Holt here on the Gold Coast that wants to secure a job before Christmas. By the sounds of personal ad, Malcolm is a smart bloke and has held senior executive positions in a lot of different companies & in a number of different sectors and has quite a diverse skill set.

Like all good consumers, I listened to the ad and tried to remember what the call to action was to find out more about Malcolm but by the time I got to work, I had forgotten after being distracted by Carlos Santana & Rob Thomas’ new song “Sunshine Of Your Love”. Wanting to find out a little more, I visited the Hot Tomato website but couldn’t find anything, searched Google and ultimately tweeted @1029 and asked for the information about Malcolm which they were happy to provide.

That whole ugly process got me thinking about the simple things that weren’t done, which would have made that whole process far easier for a potential employer to find his information:

  1. It’d be great if Hot Tomato kept a list of advertisers on their site. In a similar fashion to what they do with their ‘recently played’ list of songs – keeping a list of advertisers would have made finding Malcolm really easy.
  2. The call to action on the advertisement was a mobile phone number & an email address. I’m happy to be proven wrong but I suspect that very few people remember phone numbers provided on the radio unless they are 13, 1300, 1800 and also a good sequence/pattern. Given that Malcolm is an executive, he should have taken the time to put his profile within LinkedIn. For those unaware, LinkedIn is the professional social network, as opposed to Facebook being more of a personal social network. If Malcolm had a LinkedIn profile, he could have had a call to action of ‘Find me on LinkedIn’ or ‘Google Malcolm Holt’ – both easier than remembering a random mobile phone number or an email address.
  3. Buy & use it as an online curriculum vitae. Now the call to action could have been ‘Visit’ or ‘Google Malcolm Holt’. Just like LinkedIn, considerably easier than remembering the mobile and email address.
  4. Facebook & Twitter are both prolific and have tremendous exposure within the search engines as well. If Malcolm had of registered (available) and also (unavailable, but something very similar would have been), they’d have shown up in search with or without LinkedIn or his own personal site. Both of those options would have provided an easy way for him to get his phone number & email address out to all and sundry.

If you’re an interested potential employer:

Malcolm Holt
M: 0418382103

What else could have Malcolm done to make it easier for people to get in touch with him?

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