Affordable Fresh Flowers

Everyone likes fresh flowers, it doesn’t matter if they are in a garden or a vase. Unfortunately, most people don’t receive fresh flowers often enough, which is a shame since they look so spectacular and they smell beautiful.

When you visit your local florist and ask for a bunch of flowers, more often than not you won’t get change from $50 for the simplest flower arrangements and if you want something with a little more bling, $70-$120. Clearly at those prices, it isn’t something that you can typically have in your house every week.

It turns out that most people completely overlook one of the most obvious places in the world to buy fresh flowers, your local supermarket. Our nearest supermarket is the Woolworths in Upper Coomera and they regularly have an assortment of fresh flowers. Clearly they don’t stock the volume, have every flower that a normal florist might or offer gift wrapping – but they do have beautiful fresh flowers. If your intention is to buy them and put them straight into a vase, well you’re in luck – flowers from your local supermarket are just the ticket.

This week Claire picked up two bunches of lily flowers from Woolworths, with 7-8 unopened buds in each for $14 in total. The fragrance from the flowers is fantastic, they look spectacular once they open and a comparable bunch from an online retailer would set you back between $80-$100.

Next time you’re looking for some flowers for your house or apartment, make sure you keep your eyes open at your local grocery store or supermarket.

One thought on “Affordable Fresh Flowers

  1. It is funny that you mention fresh flowers as I am beginning to buy flowers each week for our home after I picked up 24 roses for $20 here at Coles! Eva approved of the bunch when put in a vase by grabbing a petal and trying to eat it!!! Lucky I am starting her on solids next week! Hope you are all well.

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