Cheapest Domain Names In Australia

If you’ve ever gone looking to buy an Australian domain name in the past, such as a, or even a personal like this site uses – you’ll have been frustrated by the number of options and the wildly varying prices on offer for a simple domain name.

Previously, I’ve seen domains for Australian businesses range from $15 per 2 years all the way up to hundreds of dollars per year. A lot of domain registers purport to offer the cheapest domain names, however very few actually do and most are inflating the prices quite a bit.

Last year, I came across a very simple but fantastic Australian domain comparison site named What’s In A Name. The site is run by Josh Rowe and compares the retail price of the .auDA accredited domain registrars throughout Australia.

Next time you need to buy cheap domains, check out Whats In A Name to see if the place you’re intending to buy from is selling well over the wholesale price or not.

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  1. Problem with is that it has not been updated often. Cheapest was currently listed as, but there are actually quite a few that sell for less than them. For example, (current promotion $18.95/2years) ($25.95/2years) ($20.95/2years) ($20/2years)

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