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Within the first year of Claire & I moving to the Gold Coast, I had the pleasure of experiencing first hand the pressure a growing city can place on government departments when I visited the Queensland Department of Transport in Ashmore.

In 2005, I couldn’t understand why so many of the common services that people require of Queensland Transport were not available online, which was forcing people to come into their service centres to tend to their matters.

Over the last two years, Queensland Transport have been making more and more of their common services available as an online form through the Department of Transport web site, such as paying fines, registration renew, requesting replacement registration stickers and many more.

This evening I took advantage of two of their forms at 11:OOPM, to renewed by drivers licence and change my address in a matter of minutes, error free and without any fuss or queues.

I’d love to see the service numbers from people throughout Queensland from the Department of Transport since they began providing convenient online services and the awareness of those services. I’m confident they’d have plummeted and the people that have a valid reason to go into the service centres are much happier about not having to wait over an hour to get served.

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  1. The online change of address is a wonderful thing. I used it a few years ago when I was using my brothers car. It was due for rego renewal and he was in the UK at the time. I managed to get him to send me his licence number and was able to change his mailing address to mine in time to get the rego certificate sent out.

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