Good Times

On Friday, Claire, Hugo and I made our way out to Chinchilla for a bit of a break.

We drove out and back using the same schedule that we did at Christmas and we had the same non-screaming success. The drive out was great, leaving on a Friday morning meant that there was pretty much no traffic on the roads all the way out to Chinchilla. On the way home, we thought we would have been sandwiched in the traffic because of the Melon Festival but we must have left early enough and completely missed it. The drive from the Gold Coast to Chinchilla is approximately 350Km in each direction and due to the roads we’re travelling on – we normally see a solid police presence. On the way out, we didn’t see any police and then five vehicles in a matter of minutes and then nothing until we got to Chinchilla and on the way home, none at all – which was very strange.

While we were in Chinchilla, we stayed with Claire’s parents and Grandmother and got to chat and catch up. When we’re next in Chinchilla, we’ll rotate over to my parents place and do the same – it’s so great having both our families in so close to one another now!

The Chinchilla Melon Festival was also on, which we made our way down to. We’ve been to it numerous times before and it is normally a whole bunch of fun to watch all of the crazy activities like seed spitting, melon skiing, melon bungy, melon splitting world record and many more. By the time we’d looked after Hugo in the morning and made it down the street it was a little after 11:00AM so we unfortunately missed the parade. We had intentions of staying down in the town centre for anĀ  hour or two and take in the festivities but with the heat, Hugo and a crazy amount of people about – it wasn’t all that practical. In the end, we turned the outing into a small shopping expedition and picked up some food items from the local grocery shop.

Saturday afternoon we made our way around to see Cam, Tina and the kids and Phil and Tammi were also there was was great. Not too long after we arrived, a whole swag of other family friends turned up and we had a drink and a bit of a chin wag. The intention was to go over for an hour or so as we had to feed Hugo but we were having a bunch of fun, Hugo was in good spirits and was getting oodles of hugs from everyone so we stuck around a bit longer and plodded home later on.

Not sure when our next trip out to Chinchilla will be but it’ll be great to see everyone again when we do.