During our weekend away in Chinchilla, we had a late night encounter with a beavan in a ute. For whatever reason, he or she decided that the intersection in front of the home we were staying was the perfect location to lay a considerable amount of rubber.

The person driving the ute let his excitement get the better of him in my opinion. The first two circles on the intersection were great, neat and in control but the third one got lose and the back of the ute came very close to the power pole. Not letting that phrase the driver, maybe he didn’t realise just how close he was, it continued for another couple until he hit the brakes in a hurry and pulled up less than 2 metres from a parked car on the side of the road.

Anyone that knows me will attest to the fact that I love virtually anything with an engine, especially if it goes fast. You have to wonder though, Chinchilla is a small town – it’d have taken the driver 60 seconds from that intersection to get to somewhere that that had ample breathing room.

Instead they chose that intersection, nearly hitting a power pole and a parked car – numpty.