26th Birthday

It’s that time of the year again, today I turned 26!

After waking up in no particular rush, Claire prodded me to open some presents first thing. So, without getting out of bed I reached into a nearby draw to find some presents stashed away:

  • A new pair shorts to play sport in
  • A nice casual Calvin Klein shirt
  • A few DVD’s (Green Mile, X-men 3 & Hellboy)
  • Gulian chocolate

Since it was a weekend and it was a birthday, actually.. mostly because everyone loves a cooked breakfast; Claire and I went out for breakfast at Caf̩ Campanile in the Robina Town Centre. I had a ritualistic big breakfast (it really is superb, you should try it some time) and Claire had bacon, eggs and mushrooms Рmmm.

After returning from breakfast more than satisfied, we proceeded to tidy the house a little before Andrew and Belinda arrived at around twelve o’clock. The four of us fluffed around a little, decided it was time lunch and headed into Toscani’s in Surfers Paradise. Immediately after lunch, Claire and Belinda picked up some odds and sods from the shops whilst Andrew and I washed lunch down with a Mocha Fusion from Zarraffas.

For dinner, the only sane choice was Hogs Breath. Lorraine, Sterle and Jean arrived from Brisbane as a bit of a surprise. We all ate our fill of fine prime rib steak and dessert and whilst there a few more presents popped up:

  • An electric toothbrush
  • A button up shirt
  • Lindt chocolate

After dinner, we decided a movie was in order. Andrew and I saw Eragon, whilst Claire and Belinda watched The Holiday. Without seeing The Holiday, I’m pretty confident our movie was better for, but not limited to the following reasons:

  • it wasn’t mushy
  • it had dragons in it
  • it involved various magical acts
  • it featured a red flaming sword

If that isn’t reason enough, well I’m not sure what is! Thank you to everyone who travelled, phoned, SMS’d or IM’d me today; my 26th birthday was great. See you all this time next year!