Hugo, Sleeping Machine

Australian Bureau of Meteorology radar image showing high intensity rain/storm activity on 16 November 2008This afternoon we had a monster storm which brought with it lots of lightning, thunder and even a moderate amount of hail. I wouldn’t normally mention it, however this was enough to make the Bureau of Meteorology issue are storm warning into South East Queensland.

When I say lots of lightning and thunder, we’re talking about dozens of lightning strikes less than two kilometers from our home, rolling thunder that makes your house shake and high intensity cracks that are loud enough to be uncomfortable.

While all of this was going on outside though, Hugo was inside having his mid-afternoon nap and was completely unaware what was going on. When the house and glass started to shake, I thought that he’d wake up for sure or on the really large cracks – but nothing, not even a stir.

His tolerance to noise while he sleeps has been such a blessing for Claire and I as it lets us get on with things around the house, such as vacuuming or mowing, without worrying that it’ll disturb him. It has also been great for when we’ve had family or friends over and we’re making a small racket – happy to sleep or when we’re out at the shops, still happy to sleep.

With a bit of luck, his knack for sleeping will continue; who knows, maybe he’ll be able to sleep whenever and wherever like I can!