Bigger, Faster & Better Web Hosting

I last wrote about web hosting back in May 2005 when I changed from HostCentral to McGooHQ on the lead up to our wedding for price reasons. Since then my site has been sailing along without a worry in the world, super fast and with next to no downtime.

I’ve been blogging away since then and not so long ago Andrew & Belinda also started blogging which has been great. I set them up with a sub-domain and we kept on trucking along but it wasn’t too long before I was getting warning emails about disk space usage and the like.

A quick email conversation with the fine folks at AussieHQ about an upgraded web hosting plan and I was en route to a bigger, faster & better everything. Gone are the days of using Cpanel and I’m back in the high gloss world of Plesk – which is what I was using when I was at HostCentral many moons ago.

The migration staff at AussieHQ moved everything for me from server to server and I provided a few bits of vital information via email to smooth things over. Everything has gone smoothly, all data migrated successfully and the server configuration was spot on. All that was left for me to do was a simple change to DNS and away we went.

I hope the next few years of this hosting plans life are as pain free as the last few have been, keep up the excellent work AussieHQ!

2 thoughts on “Bigger, Faster & Better Web Hosting

  1. Belinda,

    It is a combination of things really, such as:

    * images
    * databases
    * email
    * web server logs
    * ..

    Essentially everything that happens with my account counts towards the disk space usage, so the more we use it collectively the more space we use collectively.

    Not really a problem anymore, at least not for quite a while as we’ve now got more than twice of everything. If and when we run out again, I’ll reassess it then.


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