Courtesy Calls Done Right

Friday morning I received an unexpected call from Telstra, my initial thoughts were they were going to be calling about some sort of a billing mistake and I was going to have to pay them more money for some random reason.

To my surprise, the Telstra consultant was calling to review my experience with the company and was inquiring about why I had recently chosen to not renew my contact with them. The guy on the phone was polite, fast and didn’t hassle me for choosing to leave for another provider. I pointed out that the only reason I left was that one of their competitors have packages available at the moment that Telstra are not competitive against and he acknowledged that fact. He asked if I’d like to be placed on their call register for 18 months in the future and I was happy to oblige as by that time I expect that they’ll probably be competitive and I’ll no doubt come back to Telstra if the price and features are right.

Moral of the story, be fast, efficient and don’t stuff your previous customers around and they are more likely to not hate you.