Measure Once, Cut Twice

Have you ever heard the saying that you should measure twice and cut once, well this afternoon I measured once and cut twice.

The windscreen wiper blades on the car needed replacing, as they had started to become brittle and crack. After picking up a new pair from Super Cheap Auto, I set about removing the old ones and fitting the new pair.

Ordinarily when I replace wiper blades, I remove both windscreen wipers, cut both and then refit them. For some reason today, I removed one and replaced it; unfortunately for me – I happened to remove the shorter of the two blades first. You can surely see where this is going, when I removed the first wiper blade I stupidly cut both at the same time and of course one of the blades was about seven centimetres too short.

Moral of the story:

Always measure twice and cut once. It’s easy to measure a second time and very difficult to uncut something.