Channel Nine CEO Eddie McGuire Resigns

On Friday 18th May, Eddie McGuire announced that he will resign as the Chief Executive Officer for the Channel Nine television network. There hasn’t been a lot of coverage as to why he has resigned as the Channel Nine CEO, however he has confirmed that he wasn’t pushed out the door.

In February 2006, I couldn’t believe that Eddie McGuire was appointed as the chief executive office for the Channel Nine TV network in Australia. Soon after the appointment, the Channel Nine CEO dropped his existing television commitments to take care of the business. However, it wasn’t long before he couldn’t resist the pull of being on the television once more and started hosting the 1 vs 100 game show.

Statements released by Channel Nine and Eddie McGuire state that he has signed another five year contract with the Nine network and that he will be involved with program and development for the network in some sort of a creative capacity which apparently suits Eddie McGuire down to the ground. I wonder if he is going to regain the Eddie Everywhere title once more now that he doesn’t have to focus on the the less exciting aspects of running a television network.

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