London Bomb Explosions

There have been further bomb explosions in London on Thursday 21st July.

I was initially very concerned about the event, however after hearing the news for the last three hours, it has been unequivocally confirmed that the media are sensationalising juggernauts. Channel Ten had a phone interview with someone disgussing breaking up to the minute news and he must of said the same thing 17 different ways – yet the Channel Ten anchor kept asking useless questions which the reporter clearly didn’t have the answers for. He could have had an eight second phone conversation saying:

There have been four bomb explosions in London, three in the underground and one in a bus, mirroring the bombings from the July 7th 2005. The explosions were much smaller than those that killed 56 people a fortnight ago and thankfully there have been no casualties at this stage.

Yet, he babbled on and on, reiterating the same information every different way, in a fast paced, concerned and destressed voice. That same reporter would have been sitting in the news room 30 minutes prior, relaxed and no doubt drinking a coffee. Then suddenly, he is speaking and acting as if he was part of the event and has been directly impacted by it.

It really does frustrate me, why can’t they just report the information and not sensationalise everything? They can’t because they must live by the media mantra:

If it bleeds, it leads.