Microwaving Adversaries

U.S Military Microwave Weapon, a 95Ghz beam to heat up an enemiesThe U.S Military have a new weapon, the Active Denial System which they intend to deploy in Iraq next year.

This new weapon shoots out a 95 Gigahertz microwave beam and is intended to be used for “crowd control”. The idea is that the rioters will do anything they can to get out of the road the weapon, as it creates an intense heating and burning sensation to the target.

In short, they’ve created a mobile microwave with a focused beam of energy to super-heat/cook humans. I wonder how they are going to know if they are over exposing a person to microwaves? They won’t worry about that, those people will just be casualties of war with melted skin and cancer. What if the person being hit with it can’t move? Remember what happens when you put metal into a microwave? I do, its very bad. What do they think is going to happen when the target has a metal belt on or say, a titanium plate in their leg?

Next, the U.S Military will use a normal rifle for crowd control. They’ll say that the rioters will only get hurt if they don’t get our of the road of the bullets.

Image shamelessly stolen from ABC News.

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  1. I have no problem with this product. In fact I would probably pay to watch it in use, from inside the vehicle of course :)

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