London Terrorist Bomb Attacks

Update: July 12, 10.45pm
After the sudden surge of up to the minute information that is commonly called ‘news’, the real story and figures emerge. There are now 53 people confirmed dead, still approximately 700 people injured. The Australian Foreign Affairs department has now confirmed that there are six Australians in hospital in London, two of which are still in critical condition while one of them is in intensive care. Probably not surprising, there have been serious bomb scares reported since the bombings, which caused major evacuations.

The head of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair, made a comment that further attacks are ‘likely’ but the timing of such events is unknown. Exactly how is that different from the situation they were in before the latest attack happened? There have been reports various major cities around the world would be targeted in the last few months, so it isn’t like they didn’t know it was possible or likely – they simply just didn’t know when. I really don’t think the terrorists are going to put the date, time and targets on a billboard any time soon.


Update: July 9 8:30am
The initial reports of six or seven explosions were inaccurate. There were four explosions, which roughly spanned a 45 minute period. Three of the explosions where in the underground and one on the bus. There are now 37 people confirmed dead and over 700 injuries. The underground has been closed until further notice, which is a precedent. Responsibility for the bombing has been claimed by a group apparently related to Al Qaeda; though they all do these days, its nearly as common as children with ADD/ADHD.

There have been multiple explosions in London. At this stage, the reports are that six or seven explosions have taken place, primarily in the underground subway except for an explosing involving a double decker bus. Early reports are confirming two fatalities and at least 90 casualties. Prime Minister Tony Blair has given a statement and has confirmed that it was a terrorist attack that was timed to coincide with the G8 summit. During his address, it was clear he has been shaken by the event.

To think they would strike directly after the series of Live8 concerts which were held to Make Poverty History and the very day after London was announced as the host for the 2012 Olympic Games. You would think the world, including the terrorists, would be happy that the well off countries are banding together to try and help the less fortunate, alas no.

If you are looking for audio/video, the ABC News Website currently has feeds of it:

Flickr also have a photo pool available.


4 thoughts on “London Terrorist Bomb Attacks

  1. The scary thing is that I have 2 friends over there that are, as yet, unaccounted for. I’ve been able to get in contact with a third and she is fine, but I’m not sure about the other 2. *fingers crossed*

  2. I’m sure they’ll be fine Jacob, the chance of something happening to one of your friends really is pretty low. Consider, when Madrid happened it was a single bomb and over 200 people died. This time, they’ve attacked 4 targets and killed less than 50 at last count, so luck and good fortune is definitely in your friends favour.

    I just hope for your sake and theirs, that everyone you know comes our safe and well.


  3. Ah, but Al, the friend that I got in contact with uses all 4 of the affected tube stations on a very regular basis, and catches a bus that goes through the area that the bus was blown up in semi regularly as well. She was just lucky that she went into work early that day.

  4. In that case Jacob, someone was looking over them. A friend of Claire’s sister is over there at the moment and is in a similar situation too. They live in the area and they take one of the very trains that were bombed; only reason they weren’t on it that day was they were home sick or something – nothing but good fortune I think.


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