Internet Explorer Popup Blockers

Like most people, I hate spam with a passion. I get spammed with everything from gambling to drugs, which I guess are the things that pay at the moment. The thing I find annoying about it more than anything, is it takes time to clear/purge it from my site and my email.

Anyway, recently the good folk behind Weblog Tools Collection got spammed and posted about it. So now the blogging universe is on a mission to overthrow the dark lords of spam in the search engine universe. Geesh it sounds like something from Star Trek or Star Wars! With all that said, I’m doing my part too.

If you are getting here through a search on Popup Blockers or for Pop-Up Blocker or Pop Up Blocker Internet Explorer, please do not buy from pop-upblocker dot org They are spammers and unethical. ADB Popup Blocker and ANB Pop Up Blocker are from the same company and you should not buy their product. Any SEO people want to help me get this post up on top on the SEs?

Rah, take that you dirty spammers!