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Round-abouts & Road Rules

It amazes me the number of people that don’t know the road rules. Near where I live there is large round about, two lanes, that serves as a junction point between four busy roads. Each entry to the round-about is marked where you can and cannot go.

Let’s revise the rules for a second:

  1. The outside lane can indicate left to exit the round-about at any exit, so long as the car doesn’t pass the opposite point on the round-about. So in the case of a standard four entry round-about setup in a cross configuration, if you are in the outside lane when you enter, you can take your immediate exit or go straight.
  2. If we use the standard configuration again, the inside lane can exit at the opposite exit (ie: going straight through) or turn right and subsequently exit at any exit on the round about as they are on the inside lane.
  3. You may not enter in the left lane and turn right at the round about. This would conflict with point two where the inside lane can go straight through.
  4. You may not enter in the inside lane and take the immediate exit on your left. This would conflict with point one, where the outside lane can go straight through.

The above rules are very simple and are there to avoid accidents. However, without fail there is an accident every fortnight on our round-about. The most common cause is people breaking rule number three. Visualise this, two cars enter the round-about side by side. The inside car intends to go straight (within his rights) and the outside lane intends to turn right (breaking the rules). The inside car indicates to exit and go straight through however suddenly there is a car on his left turning right, smash boom bang.

The “problem” is caused by lazy and impatient drivers. In the afternoon, there is a huge amount of traffic turning right at this round about so the traffic does back up a little, maybe 100m or so. With that said, it does flow through very quickly – so if people had more than the patience of a gnat, everything would be ok. Instead, the impatient drivers will zoom up to the front of the queue in the left lane (where there is far less traffic) and just turn right, irrespective of the road rules.

Any person that lives near that round-about no doubt curses every time an impatient driver does this. Low and behold, yesterday on the way home from work, who should do it but a Police Officer! I just about couldn’t believe what I was seeing, the very person who is meant to enforce the law and road rules, breaking the very thing he is meant to be enforcing.


Microwaving Adversaries

U.S Military Microwave Weapon, a 95Ghz beam to heat up an enemiesThe U.S Military have a new weapon, the Active Denial System which they intend to deploy in Iraq next year.

This new weapon shoots out a 95 Gigahertz microwave beam and is intended to be used for “crowd control”. The idea is that the rioters will do anything they can to get out of the road the weapon, as it creates an intense heating and burning sensation to the target.

In short, they’ve created a mobile microwave with a focused beam of energy to super-heat/cook humans. I wonder how they are going to know if they are over exposing a person to microwaves? They won’t worry about that, those people will just be casualties of war with melted skin and cancer. What if the person being hit with it can’t move? Remember what happens when you put metal into a microwave? I do, its very bad. What do they think is going to happen when the target has a metal belt on or say, a titanium plate in their leg?

Next, the U.S Military will use a normal rifle for crowd control. They’ll say that the rioters will only get hurt if they don’t get our of the road of the bullets.

Image shamelessly stolen from ABC News.

London Bomb Explosions

There have been further bomb explosions in London on Thursday 21st July.

I was initially very concerned about the event, however after hearing the news for the last three hours, it has been unequivocally confirmed that the media are sensationalising juggernauts. Channel Ten had a phone interview with someone disgussing breaking up to the minute news and he must of said the same thing 17 different ways – yet the Channel Ten anchor kept asking useless questions which the reporter clearly didn’t have the answers for. He could have had an eight second phone conversation saying:

There have been four bomb explosions in London, three in the underground and one in a bus, mirroring the bombings from the July 7th 2005. The explosions were much smaller than those that killed 56 people a fortnight ago and thankfully there have been no casualties at this stage.

Yet, he babbled on and on, reiterating the same information every different way, in a fast paced, concerned and destressed voice. That same reporter would have been sitting in the news room 30 minutes prior, relaxed and no doubt drinking a coffee. Then suddenly, he is speaking and acting as if he was part of the event and has been directly impacted by it.

It really does frustrate me, why can’t they just report the information and not sensationalise everything? They can’t because they must live by the media mantra:

If it bleeds, it leads.

Dunstan Orchard & 1976Design

For the past couple of years, I’ve been regularly reading the funny, inspiring and innovative work of Dunstan Orchard. In that time, he has published some fantastic content. Some of my personal favourites are:

Well after a lot of content, plenty of interweb support for his site, skills and flair – it is coming to an end. Dunstan has chosen to say goodbye for the moment. I guess it was driven, in part, by his new job at Apple, The Girlfriend (as Dunstan likes to refer to her) and general lack of time (don’t we know that feeling).

I’ll miss reading your site Dunstan, I wish you and The Girlfriend the best of luck and hope you’ll find the time for your site again soon.

Internet Explorer Popup Blockers

Like most people, I hate spam with a passion. I get spammed with everything from gambling to drugs, which I guess are the things that pay at the moment. The thing I find annoying about it more than anything, is it takes time to clear/purge it from my site and my email.

Anyway, recently the good folk behind Weblog Tools Collection got spammed and posted about it. So now the blogging universe is on a mission to overthrow the dark lords of spam in the search engine universe. Geesh it sounds like something from Star Trek or Star Wars! With all that said, I’m doing my part too.

If you are getting here through a search on Popup Blockers or for Pop-Up Blocker or Pop Up Blocker Internet Explorer, please do not buy from pop-upblocker dot org They are spammers and unethical. ADB Popup Blocker and ANB Pop Up Blocker are from the same company and you should not buy their product. Any SEO people want to help me get this post up on top on the SEs?

Rah, take that you dirty spammers!