McGooHQ Performance

25Mb file speed test, transferring at over 1MB/sOver the weekend, I was doing a little spring cleaning of files on my home computer and servers. Whilst in the mood, I thought I would also move some older data from my website hosted with McGooHQ to my home computer.

Since moving to McGooHQ, I’ve been nothing but impressed with the speed of their network and servers. Clicking through the site and browsing through FTP feels as though it is being done over LAN it is that fast. This LAN like speed is happening over ADSL though, which for me at home is limited to approximately 160Kb/s. So, I thought I’d give the server a little higher speed test from work, muuhaha.

What you’ll see above is me pulling down a 25,000,000 byte file from my site onto my work computer at just over 1MB/s. You might be thinking, 1MB/s to download a file isn’t that fast – maybe their servers and bandwidth isn’t that good at all; you’re wrong. To download a single file, using FTP in a single thread at over 1MB/s is absolutely hammering – most of the time you’d find you’d be limited to 400-600Kb/s.

Go McGooHQ, Go!

In case you were interested in seeing what everyone, not just myself are impressed about – I’ve made a 5Mb file for you to test the network speed on. Please don’t drill it, I do have a finite amount to data per month.

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