Dating A Developer

Matt posted an entry the other day about how to get lots of links and traffic. One of the links in his “list” was a link to Emily Hambidge’s site. The article in question was about dating an Apple developer and I just couldn’t help but put something down about it – it was pure gold.

Emily’s points were mostly generic to anyone that works in software development, not just software development at Apple. For the benefit of those that aren’t in the loop, the environment that software developers work in is generally more work than hours in the day and everything is mentioned today but needs to be delivered yesterday. If the latter fails, it is mentioned today and needs to be delivered in an unrealistic timeframe of say, tomorrow. This combination of attributes creates a fun and interesting environment to work in, which for some people is known to cause quite a bit of stress. Thankfully, I’m not the stressing type.

If you know a programmer or the wife/partner of one, you’ll probably get a kick out of 1o points to remember about dating a developer; especially if you’re a little computer savvy yourself!