Monthly Archives: April 2005

A Moranbah Moonrise

A beautiful Moranbah MoonrriseWhilst Claire and I were on our recent Moranbah Road Trip to see Wayne & Rosie, we came across a spectacular evening. It was about 6.30pm and the sun was setting. Due to the time of year and where we were (Central North Queensland), we happened to see the moon rise through the beautiful blues and pinks on the opposite horizon to the sun.

Couldn’t help myself, had to pull over and take a quick picture of it. It isn’t the most fantastic quality, low light and a very portable digital camera, however it gives you a pretty reasonable idea of what we were seeing at the time.

iPod Mini

Claire's Birthday Present, A Blue iPod Mini!Yesterday was Claire’s birthday, so after considering a few different things that I knew she’d love; I ended up getting her a blue iPod Mini. Today, she took it for her first outing to the gym; she was most impressed with it!

I have to throw some thanks out to Ian at work for helping me out. I needed a way to pay for it without Claire noticing it on our bank statement(s) or in our netbank interface. I asked Ian and he was more than happy to help out, thanks mate – it made Claire’s day when I gave it to her as a total surprise! I had teed it up with Liam about 4-6 weeks earlier, however he just paid bond. I asked Conrad, however like always, he likes shares and girls far too much ;)-

Studio 60

As I had previously stated, Claire and I have been looking for a photographer. After some discussion, we decided to go with the fabulous Brisbane photographer Jason Starr. When we met with Jason at the Studio 60 office, Jason was nothing but fantastic. He showed us through a variety of different wedding folios, portrait folios and general shots/prints. Claire and I were nothing short of totally impressed and absolutely can’t wait to see how it all turns out post 24th September 2005!

ASP Error ‘ASP 0104: 80004005’

As a follow up to the new hardware added the other day, I had to fix a problem in an administration section of a site. The page in this case, allowed you to upload files (images and so forth) to the server and manage the files. This was all working as expected on the existing box (Windows 2000 Server/IIS5), however after moving to a new one (Windows 2003 Server/IIS6), we had some problems.

What follows is the short error message:

  1. Request object error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005'

After inspecting and changing some code, the error was caused by invalid permissions on the file system where the files where being written to. At some point, the previous servers directory permissions had been changed to allow the IIS user writing permissions to that directory.

The solution was simple and fast, change the permissions and allow IIS write/create type permissions on that particular folder.