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Claire's Birthday Present, A Blue iPod Mini!Yesterday was Claire’s birthday, so after considering a few different things that I knew she’d love; I ended up getting her a blue iPod Mini. Today, she took it for her first outing to the gym; she was most impressed with it!

I have to throw some thanks out to Ian at work for helping me out. I needed a way to pay for it without Claire noticing it on our bank statement(s) or in our netbank interface. I asked Ian and he was more than happy to help out, thanks mate – it made Claire’s day when I gave it to her as a total surprise! I had teed it up with Liam about 4-6 weeks earlier, however he just paid bond. I asked Conrad, however like always, he likes shares and girls far too much ;)-

8 thoughts on “iPod Mini

  1. My birthday is in October. You don’t need to hide anything on your bank statement. And I do accept presents in advance.

    Happy birthday Claire!!

  2. You’re a kind soul for allowing me to not hide something on my bank statement for you Paul. Thanks, its made it a whole lot easier now!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t buy George his iPod. In fact, I would stuggle to buy him anything other than a swift kung foo snap kick to the forehead.

  3. ya when u work out with any iPod and if it being even slightly shoocken the mini hard drive will scratch and break after about a year of working out with it it will die so i hope u get extra warrenty, i did and im glad i did

  4. holaaa
    yo hace 2 meses tenia una mini ipod pero se me echo a perder i me quede con las ganas porque a mi me gustaba mucho la mini ipod i aora ya no hay mas =( =(

  5. Ipod rule they are cute blue is the best color u can ever have in the world!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I strongly advise not working out with an Ipods.

    They are the most fragile thing on the planet. Like Nate said, it will last for about a year or so and the screen will probably crack or the chip will die.

    If you want a good life out of your Ipod, keep it away from the gym. Best of wishes :)

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