The Photographer

Tonight, Claire and I drove back to Brisbane (again) to go and see a photographer for our wedding.

We’ve been told that there are a few things you absolutely can’t leave till the last minute for a stress free wedding. A condensed list looks something like this:

  1. Venue
  2. Photographer
  3. Women’s stuff

Well, we’ve already sorted the venue, it is at the Stamford Plaza. Claire has decided to get her dress made by the wonderful Brisbane dress makers at Airs and Graces. It isn’t completed, however it is at the dress makers and under control. I’m told she looks breathtaking in it, yippee! So that leaves a photograher.

Without really knowing what separates a good one from a bad one, we decided to ask around a little. As it turns out, the wife of one of my brothers used to do photography. Their wedding album was superb, so it seemed logical that we’d start there.

We then booked an appointment to see Jason from Studio 60 and what we saw was nothing short of awesome. He had a fantastic variety of albums on hand in a multitude of different styles. Claire and I were thrilled with what we saw and his pricing scheme (although a little expensive), seemed very logical.

We had a good chat about everything and when we were leaving, he gave us the names of three or four of his colleagues (I know, who would have thought he would give us the names of some of his competitors!).

Turns out, I honestly think he is in it to try and deliver a great product. If we don’t go through him, he still wants us to get a good product, which is a testiment to his character in my opinion.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of him in the future!