Studio 60

As I had previously stated, Claire and I have been looking for a photographer. After some discussion, we decided to go with the fabulous Brisbane photographer Jason Starr. When we met with Jason at the Studio 60 office, Jason was nothing but fantastic. He showed us through a variety of different wedding folios, portrait folios and general shots/prints. Claire and I were nothing short of totally impressed and absolutely can’t wait to see how it all turns out post 24th September 2005!

2 thoughts on “Studio 60

  1. Wow. You are going with one kick-ass photographer. I didn’t see any of his wedding work on the site though? Hate to think how much you guys are spending, but I bet it will be well worth it with such a great guy on board!

  2. Yeah, Jason was just awesome. We were so impressed with it, turns out the people that hand out awards were also really impressed too! I didn’t find him on my own though, one of my older brothers (Andrew) wife (Belinda) used to be a photographer; so she knew Jason and they photographed their wedding. Their album was awesome as well, so we couldn’t go wrong.


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