Wedding Venue

On Friday night, Claire and I travelled down to Brisbane again as we had an appointment with the wedding co-ordinator at Stamford Plaza. The meeting was pretty straight forward, we really just needed to confirm the area we wanted to actually get married in.

In the end, we decided the foyer of the Grand Ballroom would be fantastic. However, there is a small problem with that; it isn’t part of the package we had organised. So, we have booked one of the other rooms, as a safe guard. This is where it gets groovy, Alison (our funky co-ordinator) said she is happy to swap the rooms over closer to the date if the Grand Ballroom isn’t being used. She also said that it very rarely gets used on the day we’ll be getting married, so it is quite likely it will be available.

It doesn’t matter if we can’t, the booked room is awesome too; but the bling bling factor of the foyer/ballroom is definitely up there.