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How To Kill Paper Wasps

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had several encounters with paper wasps and had varying levels of success in attempting to kill paper wasps as well.

In the last couple of weeks, there have been four different sets of paper wasp nests forming around the house. Two of the four were in really inconvenient places, such as above the back sliding door near the laundry and in the joint of our clothes line.

On the weekend, it seems like as good a time as any to try my hand at killing the paper wasps again. Last time I attempted it, I was armed with a can of Mortein and I can assure you, when I sprayed their nests – they were very unhappy.

Wanting to see if I could one up the paper wasps this time, I was armed with a can of Baygon Surface Spray and WK-40. You’re probably wondering what WK-40 is; well it is your garden variety WD-40, the spray lubricant with a thousand uses with an awesome new label provided by Andrew for my 27th birthday. The WK-40 was the key in avoiding getting bitten this time, as with the thin nozzle connected you can spray a tight stream of WK-40 for over 2 metres – great for distancing yourself from angry as hell paper wasps!

With a can in either hand & feeling a little like Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters, I walked up as close to their nests as I dared and coated them & promptly ran away as the wasps swarmed the area looking for something to string! As it turns out, WK-40 and Baygon Surface Spray is a lethal concoction with great knockdown power.

In each of the four paper wasp nests, I came out on top without getting bitten once. I’m sure WD-40 didn’t have killing paper wasps on their list of 1000+ things that their fantastic lubricant is good for!

Perfect Personalised Plates

Bentley MotorsI love personalised license plates, not the standard ones you see with a couple letters and numbers – but the custom plates that let you have anything on it you like. I especially like custom license plates when they are clever or make me chuckle. On the way home from work today, I pulled along side a Bentley Azure T. For those that aren’t aware, Bentley make some of the finest motor vehicles in the world – they are big, plush and are generally speaking the most luxurious car you could imagine. Of course along with that luxury comes a luxurious price tag, don’t expect to get change from $500,000 even for a second hand one. With the lofty price tag in mind, I thought a personalised plate with DOUGH on it was fantastic!

Who Said Kevin Rudd Doesn’t Have A Sense Of Humour

For those not aware, the Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd is an active Twitter user. That might come as a surprise to most, however with the better part of 44,000 people following his updates – he is gaining popularity all the time.

Today Kevin was at the Southern Cross Station in Melbourne investigating first hand what impact Federal funding has had on the facility and was, not surprisingly impressed with the improvements. While there, he tried to conduct an interview – which wasn’t as successful as it could have been due to location and timing:

Ever tried to do a press conference at Southern Cross station and compete with a locomotive for the microphone? Don’t try. Locos 1. Me 0.

I find little quips of information like that quite refreshing from our Prime Minister. For a long time, I’ve always considered our Prime Minsters to be all business and no play kind of men. Having Kevin Rudd write things like that really does remind me that he is just an ordinary bloke doing a job.

Tracking Outdoor Pet Movements

Ever wondered where you pet might go while outside, does he just laze about the house or does he prowl the neighbourhood. Apparently that question was just too much for Mr Lee, so he developed a set of utilities to solve that problem:

  • CatTrack: Affix a small GPS logging device to your favourite pet and when they return home for the night – you can download the GPS data and view the path/route within Google Maps.
  • CatCam: Affix a small camera to your favourite pet and actually see where they are. For those that don’t deal well with maps, you know who you are.
  • CatCam Live: Affix a small camera and wifi equipment to your animal to stream their pictures live, no more waiting for your animal to return home to download the pictures taken during the day.