Rebel Sport – Great Customer Service

I’ve been using a Head squash racquet for the last few years which I bought from Rebel Sport.

In March this year I took a big swing at a ball, aiming to drive the ball back down the wall on full stretch and flat out misjudged my stroke and hit the wall, hard – so hard my racquet didn’t crack, it broke.

I strolled down to Rebel Sport to replace my broken Head racquet and after a lot of fluffing about settled on a new brand I’d never played with before, Tecnifibre. My new racquet was amazing, entirely different to my old Head racquet and it was a thing of glory.

Three weeks ago in a match I took another big swing at a ball and nicked the wall, no harder than I’ve nicked the wall a thousand times before but my new Tecnifibre racquet didn’t enjoy it at all – the tip of the racquet broke instantly.


It was uncharacteristic of a squash racquet to break like that, so I called Rebel Sport and asked if I could have it replaced. Despite me owning it for about six months and having played with it a dozen times, they said yes!

I should point out that squash racquets don’t normally come with warranty, in fact my Tecnifibre racquet has it written on the frame and yet Rebel Sport still replaced it.

Unfortunately Rebel didn’t have the same model of my Tecnifibre racquet in stock and the only other ones in that brand were in the $250 territory, which I didn’t want to spent on a racquet. That didn’t faze Rebel at all, they were happy for me to replace my racquet with any other racquet of a similar value, so I’ve returned to Head.

I know Rebel Sport didn’t have to replace my broken racquet but I’m absolutely stoked and totally impressed that they did. Since I had my original purchase receipt, getting it replaced was also a super easy process as well.

Great customer service needs to be called out and I think this is a great example.