Elitist Light Sockets

Around a month ago, we had a spate of light bulbs blow. When I say spate, I really do mean it – I’ve replaced five in the space of two weeks. I wonder if the mean life to failure of an average light bulb is reasonably consistent? If that was the case, when the apartment was built and initially fitted with, presumably the same brand bulbs – they all failed around the same time. At which point, the then resident replaced them with, presumably the same brand bulbs, do you see the pattern emerging as well?

Back on track.

The light socket where my computer is, was a right royal pain in the arse. We already had spare light bulbs so I replaced it with whatever was in the cupboard (Brand A). Flick the switch, the light doesn’t come on. A little strange, so the next day I go and buy a different set of light bulbs (Brand B), change it – still nothing. I contacted our centre management that the light socket was faulty and they wanted me to try another brand, even after I explained that I’d already put a two different bulbs into it. I obliged and replaced it with another different brand (Brand C) – sure as the sun rising, it didn’t work. I contacted management again, to which they said they would now have an electrician come out. The electrician comes, does his tests and leaves saying the socket is working perfectly. So I put in a different bulb, but from one of the previous batches (Brand A or B) again, still nothing. Tonight, we went and picked up some groceries and I bought another different brand bulb (Brand D). This time, I put it in and the goddamn thing works, I just couldn’t believe it!

So, the question has to be asked: Do we have a fancy pants elitist light socket?

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  1. no, i dont think you have a facy pants elitist light socket. I think your house is bulbist. plain and simple!

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