IndyCar Visor Cam

The IndyCar Series have just released a new innovation, visor cam! Take a few laps around the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg with Simon Pagenaud as he literally manhandles his Honda powered sled around the track. The over steer and fast catches as he approaches many of the concrete walls is amazing, as are the concrete barriers as they approach out of nowhere!

2 thoughts on “IndyCar Visor Cam

  1. That cornering is sooo precise. I could not see any brake markers. Imagine what it would have been like when they had to take their hands off the wheel to change gears. Definition of ‘accident waiting to happen’.

  2. I guess their driving style adapted to the fact that they had to take their hands off the steering wheel to change gears. The first paddle shift F1 cars took the grid around 1990 from memory and while the cars of that vintage were fast, it is a different kind of fast compared to what you see more recently – that being said, still incredible!

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