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Schick RazorsA couple weeks ago, Stephen mentioned to me at work that Schick had a promotion running in facebook in which you’d receive a free Schick Hydro 5 – the latest Schick men’s non-disposable¬†shaving razor, just for liking the Schick for Men Australia facebook page.

Like most males, I’ve tried a whole swag of different razors from cheap disposable razors, various Gillette, Schick and electric razors. For my skin, I find that a razor gives me less irritation then an electric razor and for quite some time now I’ve settled on the Schick Quattro Titanium as my razor of choice. It is sharp, a nice flexible head and it gives a close shave.

After trying the new Schick Hyrdo 5 razor, I’ve now found a replacement and my new favourite razor. While the head of the razor feels a little bigger than the Quattro Titanium, the razor glides through stubble and over your skin. I was particularly impressed with the closeness of the first pass as well, it was nearly completely smooth and I had even less irritation than I normally would with the Quattro Titanium.

Schick are suggesting that the new Schick Hyrdo 5 is the best shave for your skin and I whole heartedly agree. I really do think it is the best men’s razor I’ve ever used, certainly for my skin. If you do use a razor, I’d recommend you pick on up next time – if for no other reason than to see what the latest shaving innovation is – it might surprise you!

2 thoughts on “Best Men’s Razor

  1. I use Gillette and many people often advise me not to use any razor having more then one blade, they say that more blades results in thicker hair – is it true?

  2. I’ve never seen anything to suggest that Qaiser. As far as I’m aware, shaving with a multi-bladed razor has no impact on your hair.

    Hypothetically, lets compare a single bladed razor versus a five bladed razor. Using the single bladed razor, you might need to pass over the same area five times to get a clean shave. If you were using a Schick Hydro 5, you could pass over it once and get the same clean shave – though you’ve still had five blades pass through/over the hair to cut it.

    Of course, I have no idea if a single is better or worst these days – I’ve been using a multi-bladed razor for such a long time now – they just seem like ‘normal’ to me. Maybe when I buy a set of replacement razor blades for the Schick, I’ll buy a single bladed razor at the same time just for comparison – never huts to be well informed!

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