Complaining Solves Nothing

I came across an insightful post by Sebastian Marshall today, via Scott Yang, titled “Okay, so what are you going to do about it?“.

The article resonated with me, mostly because I semi-regularly find myself complaining about similar things, which annoys me for a number of reasons – least of which is the Groundhog Day nature of it.

Sebastian has a great quote toward the bottom:

Complaining solves nothing, it makes you unhappy and turns people off. Claim solutions, improve things, build, fix, work, repair, serve.

I’m going to try that on for size & see how I go.

One thought on “Complaining Solves Nothing

  1. Ahoy there, glad you liked the piece and thanks for the kind words.

    To be 100% entirely honest, I’d get worked up over stuff fairly often, which is why I had to adopt this practice. Still not perfect by any means! But moving into, “So what am I going to do about?” kind of empowers instead of disempowers.

    Thanks again for the kind words – drop a line if you’ve ever got any questions, comments, feedback, or if I can lend a hand with anything.

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