Complete Telecom, Misleading & Deceptive Conduct

Over the weekend at around 6PM, I received a call from a private number. Claire refuses to answer private numbers but I’ll at least pick them up to see who it might be.

In this particular instance, it was Telstra calling to let me know that I’d be receiving a discount on my future bills because we’d been paying our bills on or ahead of the due date. The phone call went along the same lines as you’d expect, they asked for me directly and proceeded to check out basic personal information.

Everything was going swimmingly, up until they required me to provide some sort of additional identification – it didn’t matter what it was, drivers license, Medicare, pension number or other. I was reluctant to provide any of that information to them, as it isn’t Telstra’s normal practice over the phone but went with the flow and provided them part of my Medicare number.

At that stage, the young bloke I was talking to transferred me to his senior something-or-rather to refresh me on what the change was and fill in any blanks. The next person was also quite slick and moved through things quickly and was happy to flash by the fact that the service was provided by Complete Telecom and not Telstra. Not to worry though, they use Telstra hardware to deliver the phone services so it’ll all be okay!

As soon as those words came out of his mount, I promptly told him that I didn’t want anything that he was selling, not to make any changes to what I considered to be the best home phone plan available in June last year.

The conduct from Complete Telecom was nothing short of deceptive and misleading. First off they introduce themselves and misrepresent themselves as being from Telstra, have the balls to ask me for some of my personal information, gloss over the fact that they are in fact not Telstra but placate me by telling me that the phone services are delivered over Telstra hardware.

Sorry Complete Telecom, that doesn’t make you Telstra at any level – it makes you a shoddy filthy lying scam ridden company that I will never, ever do business with – regardless of how good your deal is. I’ll be lodging a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry¬†Ombudsman, you can take it up with them.

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  1. Just got through with a call from these people. This call came from ‘South Melbourne’ and the deal was only for Telstra customers that have been with Telstra for years. We were offered free line rental capped plan @$64 because our bill is consistently over $75… did Telstra give them that info or are they just guessing I wonder?. She eventually did give her name and company name which was the first confirmation (but not suspicion) that I was not in fact dealing with Telstra.

  2. Fortunately I’m able to get away with not having a phone plugged in to the landline, so I miss out on all of this sort of fun — it sure sounds a bit creepy.

    Personally, I make a point of never ever giving out or confirming any personal information on an inbound call, unless I’m expecting the call. If they can give me a reference number, I’ll go look up their number on their website and call them back … maybe I’m paranoid, but it seems to do the trick for me. ;)

  3. I just had a call from these people too. Firstly he made out he was from telstra. Then the guy ‘John’ kept saying over and over that it was ok because there would be no charges to my hardware or lines and there was a 10 day cooling off period. When I mentioned my concerns he kept saying ‘just don’t worry about that’. Then my 15month old child hurt himself and was crying and I told him I had to go to tend to my injured child and he would not get off the line! I ended up leaving the phone handset unattended for almost 10 minutes, but when I picked it up again he was STILL there… I then, whilst ignoring him completely, googled the company name and found this site. The only way to get him off the phone was to tell him I was going to lodge a complaint to the ombudsman!

  4. I too had them call me, not once but twice.

    They asked for either Medicare, pension or bank details – what ever i was comfortable to give out over the phone. When I said none of them, they hung up so I rang Telstra to see if they were for real and guess what…they’re not.

    Complete Telecom then had the nerve to ring back that same day and tried to tell me they had rang the day before, I just said I’m not interested and I hung up on them.

  5. Just got off the phone for the 4th time in 3 days with these folks! Just a quick note to say they have changed their MO as they identified themselves straight up and I was never asked for ID during the call but perhaps that was because I never got to the sign up stage? I put them off by saying I wanted to research them first. I got the same offer / treatment as “Nynaeve” and “Laura”. Fortunately, I found this site and I think I saved myself a lot of heartache – thanks guys. Mind you, they still did their utmost to talk me round ….. nothing if not persistent!

  6. I just got the same call. First, a woman with an Indian accent saying she’s from Telstra, and all customers who spend more than $85/mth on calls are eligible for this new discount to $64.95. Blah, blah, blah….then she transferred me to her supervisor, a man with an Indian accent, who said they are actually from Complete Telecom in Albert St, South Melbourne. He knew my address and everything, so I said he can post me all the info and I’ll take a look at it. He said they don’t work like that. I said I don’t sign up for things while being solicited over the phone so he gave up.

  7. I just received one of these calls 30 minutes ago, from 66 Albert St, South Melbourne. They just keep misleading you and asking for more private info, keep telling me that transACT is not doing their own telecommunication anymore and have sub the service to others. Kept transferring me to other ‘managers’ or ‘supervisors’ and ‘verifier’, whatever, while I said I need to have a look on some information first and I’ll call them back if I’m interested. They can’t provide me any number before signing up, the more you talk with them, more shit you find out from them.

  8. I just spoke to my Aunt who is 84. She got a call from these guys and must have signed up without realising – she thought they were Telstra. Now she has a bill for $360 which they are threatening to send to debt collectors to collect payment – and for nothing! I’ve told her not to pay it and complain to the TIO but she’s too scared to! The mongrels!

  9. Wow, I was just Googling these guys while I was on the phone to them.

    I first had the impression that they were with Telstra but when I asked the girl had no issue with telling me the name of the company along with the website and it sounded interesting to me. After asking her 21 questions, she eventually put me through to her “supervisor”. He told me Telstra can’t do discounts because there are a lot of businesses that spend $3000-4000 on landlines would want to use this service but this service is for families. Eventually I gave them my Medicare number (only because I dont think anything can happen with it) but yeah I only agreed because of the 10 day cooling off period. However, before the “supervisor” was about to transfer me to the verifying process, he was telling me to say yes to certain questions and no to others. I hung up while I was being transferred, went outside to feed my dogs and was probably outside for a good half hour to come back to 12 missed calls.

    Some people are so desperate for customers!

    Thank you for posting up your experiences and info about this company!

  10. Incredible that companies like this can continue trading – everyone affected should complain to the TIO! Complete Telecom deceived my wife with the “we are basically Telstra’ line and pretty much coerced her into agreeing to sign over. They absolutely manipulate people who are too nice to give them the short shift. The most incredible thing about this event was the fact that they signed my account over without my approval, and I am the sole authorisation on our account! Now Telstra have told me that my contract has been broken and that I will be subject to penalties! Do not give this crowd a penny for their deceptive marketing!

  11. Complete Telecom just called me and the girl that initially rang, Michelle, spoke to me and after I questioned her a few times she put me straight on to someone else who then put me through to their manager and then he like everyone else that has stated, went through their spiel that I had been chosen from my area to this deal. When I asked him how does this work and failed to go through my account details with him he advised he will check his system and hung up on me! Complete Telecom are big time scammers and they need to be shut down!

  12. I’m having trouble with this mob also, I cancelled two days after being coerced into a contract and still get a letter on March 1st saying I’ve been transferred over! Trying to sort it out now but as there was no record kept of my call, they expect me to get a itemised bill from the friend whose phone I made the call from so they can cancel it. Being a friends pre-paid phone I don’t like my chances and I think they know that! This company is definitely a scam and won’t be seeing a cent from me whether they cancel the contract or not which I think they don’t have any intention of doing even if I can get the itemised bill which i think is unlikely.

  13. Hey guys,

    So I’ve had about 5 calls from these guys over the last 2 weeks.

    Initially they told me they were with iinet which worried me as I am with iinet. Iinet however are extremely professional and I knew it was not them staright away. As soon as they called the first time I could tell something was up when they asked if I worked part time, full time or casual. Who asks that? I told them I wasn’t comfortable giving out that information and to please not call back.

    They called back the next day, I yelled into the phone not to call this number. After another call a few days later I called iinet to confirm it wasn’t them, and of course it wasn’t. Fearing it was someone looking to rob the house I had them put a trace on the line.

    I have now just received another call, knowing it was them as they have all said they are from South Melbourne, however this time I managed to get out of them that they are Complete Telecom.

    I thought I’d have a little fun with them, as they already had my last name and phone number, and gave them a whole bunch of bogus details. I then yelled into the phone “You are very rude and I would never buy anything from you” and hung up the phone. Ahhhhhh, I feel better now. I will also be making a complaint.

  14. Nothing changes.

    I just had the same conversation, which then degenerated to the company representative swearing at me because I wouldn’t give them my personal information they wanted.

  15. I just received a call myself. She kept on saying that she was from Telstra so I asked her why is she calling me & not Telstra & her reply is its a special deal for customers who pay their phone bill on time. I never pay my phone bill on time. She then transferred me to her supervisor & I hung up before her supervisor picked up the phone. I then called Telstra to ask them if they can either confirm or deny that Complete Telecom is one of their companies and I wasn’t surprised when they said no. In the mean time I can hear my other line ringing while I was talking to Telstra. They can keep their discounts to themselves. I don’t want their $20 monthly discount because I get the feeling that at the end it’ll cost me a whole lot more…don’t need the hassle. I’m happy paying what I’m paying now without any troubles.

  16. I have started to get these calls as well started last week sometime, claiming firstly that they where Telstra after days of them hanging up on me when I requested to speak to a supervisor, or told them I could not understand a word that they where saying, I found out 10mins ago that they are from Complete Telecom. I got a couple of their names, don’t know what good that’ll do. Their web site is dodgy, their customer service skills are non existent – think I smell rats!

  17. I have been called four times over the last two days, by Complete Telecom – same MO as the rest of you.

    I gave them phony ID to see where it would go. When it got to the ‘confirmation stage’ and I said I did have a bundle plan and did not want to go ahead, we hung up & thought it was over. They rang tonight, saying, they were humbly asking me to finish the ‘verification’ process otherwise the chap who had given me the wrong info would loose his job, as I did not have a bundle. I argued, nicely as I read from my bill that indeed I did. I finally said I was not interested and would research the company myself and do it that way if I wanted to change my plan. He sounded very peeved and they also all had Indian accents as well.

  18. Got a call from these guys today, same script as the above.

    They made it out that they were from Telstra by saying that ‘you are a Telstra line customer’. I told them they had the wrong number because I’m not a Telstra customer (with TPG) and that there must be something wrong with their marketing lists, then they said they were from Complete Telecom and quickly rushed in the pitch again.

    They are misleading and they don’t deserve customers if they act this way.

  19. Just got off the phone with Complete Telecom, when I asked them how did they have my account details from Telstra – the line went dead. I think it was identity fraud. Why can a company continue to do this with impunity.

  20. Just had a call from these guys trying to sell the $64.95 unlimited calls + no line rental. Then tried to upsell another 100GB for additional $20 when I told them I was already in a Bundle. When I asked about the Foxtel which was included in my existing bundle and was worth $140 alone, he said they would cover that for an additional $10. Both the initial caller + supervisor had Indian accents but both stated they were from South Melbourne; must be alot of Indians down there. He asked for date of birth and wanted me to agree to everything over the phone when I refused he hung up. They have called before and I am sure they will call again. I usually turn the TV up, ask them to hold and leave the phone by the speaker…By the way, my parents are from India so I am not being racist just sick of them fulfilling the stereotype.

  21. I just had an Indian man named Abert trying to sell me the $64.95 deal.

    I’ve been done before so Googled them, got this web page…thank god!

    He had me believed he was from Telstra, wanted I.D & I couldn’t be bothered going out to the car, so I asked him to ring back tomorrow. He was so persistant on me finding any form of I.D, so I hung up on him when I was reading this site. They rang back straight away, I told him I’d Googled Complete Telecom and wasn’t interested and hung up again.

  22. Just received the fifth call from these guys today. I’m so frustrated with them, as soon as you try and speak they cut over the top. When you say you’re not interested, they asked to speak to my husband who tells them the same thing I had been. Then then absolutely cracked it when he tells them he wants to stay with our current provider of Telstra, Complete Telecom tell us it’s all the same just cheaper. We’ve said no, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Poor Telstra, they don’t have a leg to stand on – bloody pissed off! Beware all steer clear!

  23. I am so relieved I looked up this website and read other peoples experiences, as I am a pensioner and was trying to save money and was undecided as to whether to go along with Complete Telecom sales pitch on the phone. It sounded a good deal although it took forever originally on the phone trying to understand their [Indian] accent. I now have had 5 calls from them, speaking to 3 different callers. I have since called their number back and cancelled with a guy called Huw and I have also taken one of your writers advice and registered our phone number with. Thanks again, I will sleep better tonight with one less thing to worry about. We like to get the best deal possible out there, packages change so frequently and it is a lot to take in when you are not so young and cluey.

  24. I got a call not long ago from them, pretty much the same deal. I just hung up after 10 minutes as I couldn’t be bothered, I had gone to their website & viewed the deals.

    Just thought how weird the information they have on me even, though I think they were guesses.

    One question they had threw me, I had to be younger than 70yrs old – what the hell??!!

    Sounds all too dodgy and going under a false pretense that they are with Telstra just screams scam! If they wanted to be ligitamate they would be honest from the out set of the call. No thanks, no way – sorry TIO you are getting another letter. I just thought I would add my experience on here as I know finding this page helped me confirm what I thought already.

    Shame on Complete Telecom.

  25. I got a call yesterday, same thing said they are with Telstra, unfortunately I believed everything and agreed to the deal.

    They rang me today to confirm details so they could post paperwork out. I asked the question if I still keep my email address & he said no that I would need to sign up to the free email accounts i.e gmail/hotmail. I said I didn’t like that and would ring them back. I promptly rang Telstra and she explained everything to me, told me to ring Complete Telecom back and action the “cooling off” period, I thanked the lady at Telstra and rang Complete Telecom and cancelled using the cooling off period. The man on the phone said he had done it & asked why, so I told him.

    I am worried now because this company is shady, how can I find out if this has been cancelled – I wasn’t quoted a reference number or anything. I don’t want to take his word because what happens after the 10 days they could say they had no knowledge of receiving my cancellation.

    I agree, shame on Complete Telecom – whatever happened to trust and honesty.

  26. My Mum was stung by the wonderful COMPLETE TELECOM.

    She was contacted by a man that was very deceptive and led her to believe that he was dealing with Telstra. She was a little concerned when he asked her for Medicare number and other personal details, she did provide her Medicare number but nothing else. Convinced that she was talking to Telstra she agreed to a deal that they were offering under the understanding that she had a 10 day cooling off period.

    They told her they would be sending her something in the mail. When it arrived, it was clear that they were not Telstra, but Complete Telcom. She straight away contacted them, within the cooling off period to inform them she no longer wanted to proceed. The lady asked her the reason, and she told them that she was led to believe that they were Telstra and that she did not want to change.

    We contacted Telstra tonight as she wanted to add an internet connection to her current plan, only to be informed that Telstra was no longer the provider. Complete Telcom have taken her number anyway, without authorisation. We rang the 1300 895 699 number they tell you to call, only to be told by a man that someone would call us back, as they are only a answering service. When I asked how long it would be, the man told me he could not tell me. When I question him as to why Complete Telcom don’t have a policy as to the time they take returning calls to clients, he told me he had no idea as he only takes calls for them and they were not his employer.

    We are waiting to be contacted, but we have already placed a complaint with the Telecommunications Ombudsman.

    Deceptive scumbags.

  27. Hi Everyone,

    I rang Complete Telecom to confirm details of when I activated the cooling off period i.e date/time & Matt was able to supply this information which was good. To be on the safe side, I then rang Telstra and asked if they could make a note on my account that I do not want to change providers and if I should in the future I will confirm in writing or by going into a Telstra shop. Therefore, should Complete Telecom or anyone else tamper with my account then a flag will show up on Telstra’s computer.

    Hope this info helps anyone out there.

  28. Hi everyone,

    I also got the same problem as Lorraine did. I especially thank Lorraine for giving the idea of calling our provider in order to alert them on this issue of deception. I got call from this company two days ago and I signed up. I was not really convinced about their offer, so I researched about Complete Telecom on the internet & found this website and got a better picture.

    Yesterday, when I was about to call them to action the “cooling off” period, they coincidentally called me back for any reason I wouldn’t care about. Then, I just tell them that I would like to cancel the registration and ask if my conversation was recorded. They assure me that they have make the cancellation as I requested immediately and our conversation was recorded. So, I believe that I officially cancelled the deal.

    However, as Lorraine felt, I wasn’t really happy and convinced about the cancellation & when I checked this website again and found out Lorraine’s idea of calling our provider. I’ve just called Optus and informed them of this problem. The Optus representative, Angelo, immediately checked my account and convinced me that my account has not been transferred and no transfer request was made. To make sure, I also asked him to make note that I do not want to change my provider. Angelo noted that and said that he will monitor my account in the next couple of days and will cancel any request for transfer.

    Fiuhh…now, I get a real piece of mind!

    Thank you so much for sharing this issue, everyone. Just to make sure that this will never happen again, I registered my home phone number on the Do Not Call Register, so that these kind of companies will never disturb anyone at our home anymore.


  29. I just got a call.

    They tried to pretend they were “Telstra’s official discounter, and Telstra would like to offer you this discounted rate and they asked us to call on their behalf to give you the discount” …. “You must be 100% Australian to take up this offer, so can you please read me your medicare number to verify that you are 100% Australian” (whatever 100% Australian means).

    I have reported it here:

    Can I suggest that the rest of you do the same.

  30. Just had a call from Complete Telecom, saying they were a part of Telstra blaa blaa blaa, I found it all a bit strange. I hung up and phoned Telstra to find out what it was all about, they said ” Telstra has no off shoot companies it sounds like a bit of a scam” – so people beware!

  31. I had a call from Complete Telecom last week, telling me that I was eligible for free home line and internet for $64.95 and that I was paying to much for my broadband, local calls free, STD and mobile capped at 99cents.

    I was ‘eligible for this discount because I was a Telstra customer and owned an ABN (registered business number)’. Strange thing was, they already had my ABN number ready to quote to me. Although I had to slowly and painfully quote my address a number of times, if they had a copy of my registered ABN they already had my address and as the business is situated at home.

    The man talked quite fast and with an Indian accent. I have caller ID and it displayed ‘OVERSEAS’ when the phone first rang. Having family overseas I thought it would be them. I listented to his speel and when I decided that I wasn’t interested and hung up my phone continued to ring about another 10 times after that, sometimes displaying ‘OVERSEAS’ sometimes displaying ‘PRIVATE NUMBER’.

    Even if I had signed over to this ‘Complete Telecom’ because I was ‘eligible being a telestra costumer’ I would have broken my current contract with Telstra, as only signed with them last January. Therefore I would have had to pay way more and my guess it that the interenet would not have worked as well.

    Be careful!

  32. I am so naive to sing up with them, the contract started in beginning of April 2011, the total bill from then till mid June 2011 is over $700.00. First bill was issued on 7th April 2011 just over $100$. Second bill was issued on 10th May 2011 about $350. The third bill was issued on 7th June 2011 for about $250.
    I made many phone calls to them but not convinced how much is deposit and how much for installation, these amounts are not printed on your bill. It’s under “Plan and other charges”
    I am going to report to Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman as well as the charges are too high.

  33. Who are Complete Telecom, are they a scam organisation? I got hooked up with them, they sent me a whopping big account and now they do not answer my calls. I wanted to pay the account but they don’t seem to want to take my money. I am afraid I am going to get my phone cut off. I cannot afford to be without a phone as I work from home.

  34. Complete Telecom called me today with same Telstra thing and they offered me a cheaper deal.

    They asked if i had an ABN for a further discount & then they asked if a Zane Heron was living here and that they could use his ABN.

    Scary thing was Zane is my 5 year old son, so before i finalised any agreement with them I hung up.

    They have tried to call me another four times, also the Indian on the phone gave me her name as Tracey Austin – not a very Indian name.

  35. yeah, i just got off the phone with these Indian scums. i already knew something was fishy when i heard their fucked up accent and i never talk to someone about my personal details on the phone. they had private no. an Indian bitch who said she was calling from Canberra Australia first talked about the discount thing, i asked her why they offer so much discount. she talked shit, then i asked where their address was, and she shit her pants couldn’t say anything. i kept on asking the address the she replied that she was in Melbourne Australia, i asked for the street no and street address but she said she didn’t know as she was knew to the company, i told her to get me the manager, then another cunt mother fucker answered as the manager. he gave me 66 bent road as the adress, then he asked about the medicare and other details and i told them i don’t trust them, the fucking manager suddenly realised i wasnt gonna fall for it and quickly said “thank you very much” and hung up. but b4 he could hang up i told him to fuck his mom, lmao

  36. Why doesn’t someone ring up Today Tonight or A Current Affairs to deal with it, that way people will know who they are and not to deal with them.

  37. Got a call from this mob tonight and said they were from Telecom and had the rights to private numbers. I thought this was strange as I have a silent number and knew this wasn’t true. I started Googling them after he told me he was from Complete Telecom and come across your site and the above comments. They are scammers, he knew my name but not who I had my landline with and tried to get that out of me. I told him to piss off.

  38. I have just gotten off the phone with the complaints department of Complete Telecom.

    I’ve requested all the information they have on me, including their sources of that information and an explanation of their information gathering.

    I did this because I had already refused their service 3 times over the last few days. The last call I got from them today was the most concerning, as the agent told me my ABN and told me to tell the Verification Supervisor that I was running a gardening business. This is fraud, as 8 years ago I did gardening under an ABN but have not been self employed or run any sort of business in Australia for 8 years.

    Do not agree to anything from this company. Phone them, complain and ask to be added to their Do Not Call list.

  39. Easy solution would be for telecommunications companies to not allow dodgy companies like these to transfer the account.

    If this was restricted to only a handful of trusted, verified companies then these kinds of scam artists couldn’t make money out of it.

    Everyone who receives this phone call should ring the TIO, who could put pressure on the appropriate people to have the legislation changed.

  40. Thank you so much for this post.

    The exact same thing happened to me today in fact, I almost had my ID ready. They said they were basically Telstra, that they were an agent for them and I was such a good customer, paid my bills on time that they would be offering me these great discounts.

    Seemed too good to be true and seemingly it is.

    They also applied the same technique the operator got his supervisor and yada, yada.

    I asked them to ring back on Monday, while I got some confirmation from Telstra about ‘Complete Telecom’ deals & however I don’t think I’ll be hearing back from them.

  41. thank you for this site,
    i got a call from complete telecom, they said that i could have a cheaper homephone deal of 59.95, im bundled with telstra phone and net. they persuaded me to give my dob and driver licience number. i did not complete the deal, as i was uncomfortable… i rang telstra to make note that i will not be changing anytime soon and if i was, it would be in person at a telstra shop(thanks to one of the posts). they also took my number off telemarketer list thingy…(no more annoying marketers) im just glad i found this site.

  42. I can not believe this is still going despite all of the “TIO complaints” from over a year ago. So my question is: Why isn’t this company shut down yet? Are these complaints being disregarded?”

    Unfortunately I was also hit by this scam.

    I received a call last week on a Wednesday afternoon around 3:33pm (pretty scary already). An Indian guy , who goes by the name of “Alex Dawson” started talking to me on the phone offering me their services. Not being a stereotypical guy but as far as I know, Indians have unique names as I also have many Indian friends.
    Now I usually just hang up when an Indian person calls my landline because 95% of these calls are SCAM in my experience. But this time, I thought I’d stay on for a little longer to hear about what he has to offer (of course I was not interested, and I was being quite nice to him). I was then asked to stay on the line as I am being transferred to his supervisor to further explain this “limited phone line offer”. I was then convinced to sign up for that. They called me 10 times that day.

    Today I received another call from the SAME guy, but this time he called himself Ian (if he had said Prakesh or Ravikesh, I would’ve believed him). I hung up on him, he calls back again, and tried to offer me a new internet service provider. I said that I am already switching from Optus to TPG. He says “I can guarantee you that our services will save you more money than any other company”. I was told that there is a cancelling fee of $400+ dollars if I wish to cancel

    When the agreement part of things came on where I was being recorded, I have said many silly things and they had so much effort and time to get me through the signup. This process took 2 hours of their time, which gives it away already that they are sneaky little lizards.

    The conversation went on and on, he had asked me lots of questions and I decided to be silly and ask irrelevant questions. Karma got me and I just now found out about this website after doing a google search and was then fully convinced that Complete Telecom is all about scamming innocent people. I have already called my current provider (Optus) to let them know what’s happened and I was told that my account will not be tampered with without me giving them the green light

    My advice to you guys is DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN!! Even for one second.

    You can also check out for further complaints about this stupid company.

  43. G’day all.

    Half an hour ago, I just had same phone call as everyone else from Complete Telecom and with the same spiel as well.

    I spoke to Rick and Mandy both with thick Indian accents, hmm.

    They said they were ringing from South Melbourne, yet I heard the overseas beep on line.

    Fortunately I hung up when they asked for my Medicare, licence number and so forth.

    I rang my phone provider just to be on the safe side and asked them NOT to allow anyone to change my account.

    Feel sorry for those vulnerable people who get sucked in by these creeps!

  44. My experience was similar until I asked the sales man to provides his ABN. At that point, he went ballistic and called me a “f#$cking f#$k” and a “f#king bastard”. My wife was listening in and at this point she chimed in that I should just hang up. Hearing this, the salesman said my “your wife is a f#$king bitch”. Until then I had not taken a lot of notice of who the caller was but now I wanted to get some details. In an effor to get the name of the company, I asked the salesman details on the offering and to my amazement he went stright back into sales mode spouting the spiel about call charges. It’s amazing that we have a legal system that allows such organisations to run with impunity.

  45. Ditto to all. After cancelling within my cooling off period I immediately rang my phone provider and asked them to make a note on my file NOT to change providers. Now for the ombudsman.

  46. I am a genuine telecoms services provider and I too have fallen foul of the dirty tricks of Complete Telecoms Ltd. They commonly carry out a practice called ‘slamming’ which is to obtain the lines and subsequent services of telephone users just by applying to BT without the owners consent which is illegal!!!

    I have written to OFCOM and hope they will investigated, this industry has a bad enough reputation and is difficult enough for those of us who strive to earn an honest living from it without the existance of these unscrupulous ‘Cowboys’!

  47. I am a director of Complete Telecoms Limited, a company registered and based in the United Kingdom.
    I wish to make it clear that we are totally unconnected with the company subject to the allegations on this blog or any company of a similar name to our own, wherever based. Although we can and do provide telecommunications services, we principally operate on a “business to business” basis for the sale of second-user systems and parts. We have no telesales operation and employ no third parties to provide telesales on our behalf.

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