Dinner For Four

Claire, Hugo, Evie, Sterle and I went out for dinner tonight to Hogs Breath Cafe. Our intention was to go to Hogs Breath at the Logan Hyperdome, however they were booked out so we booked in at Hogs Breath on Seaworld Drive Main Beach near Marina Mirage on the Gold Coast.

The fact that we went out for dinner might not seem all that interesting, except it was the first time that we, as a family of four, have gone out for dinner since Evie was born in May. Hugo was on his absolute best behaviour, ate more food than I think I’ve ever seen him eat for dinner and helped put our empty glasses onto one of the waiters trays, which was followed up by a couple of high fives. Evie was happy resting in the pram for the first half an hour and was a little grizzly midway through but then had a power nap, which was great.

I remember when Claire and I took Hugo out for our first dinner after his birth, we were really nervous and weren’t sure how it’d turn out. It wasn’t a train smash by anyones standard but with a little more practice, it became easier. Of course, with two children I figured that’d be a completely different beast, however on this occasion it was a screaming success – metaphorically speaking.

Now we just need to find the next place we’re going to grab an early dinner at!