WordPress 3.0 Upgrade

WordPress, the popular open source blogging software that powers this site and literally millions of others around the internet, has been updated to version 3.0. Version 3.0 has been some six months in the making, has seen contributions from 218 developers around the world and has resulted in a lot of new features and over 1217 enhancements and bug fixes.

I’ve gone through and updated all of the sites I own with the latest version, which is why my site looks different at the moment as I haven’t installed my old theme or bothered to make any changes to the new default Twenty Ten theme that ships with WordPress 3.0.

As predictable as the sun rising, the upgrade from the 2.9.x series of WordPress was simple, fast and no fuss. Back up your database and site contents in case something goes wrong as a precaution & then hit the go button. By the time you’ve depressed your mouse button, the upgrade is nearly complete.

I now just have to go through the paces of installing and checking all of the WordPress plugins that I use work with version 3.0, which should only take about half an hour or so.

4 thoughts on “WordPress 3.0 Upgrade

  1. Where did you get the pircture from ? It’s an excellent wide angle perspective of a very peaceful Avenue. It looks like something I have seen before.

  2. And Oh , I forgot, the stats are mind blowing and last week did a little bit of showing off- I was talking with Laurell Ison , a business freind from the Chinchilla News and a relative of Claire’s on her Mum’s side. I whipped out the mobile, punched the buttons and bingo, there was Hugo at the letter box – a new member of your extended family, Laurell. I think I impressed her, maybe she was just being polite. Just thought I would tell you both that little tit – bit of information. And Oh, I just happened to remember some details about Evie. That got her in!

  3. Regarding the photo in the header, they were taken by Matt Mullenweg who is the driving force behind the WordPress blogging software.

    There has been so much interest in the header photos in the latest version of WordPress, that Matt actually wrote about the Twenty Ten header photos in the last few days. It turns out, all of the photos are actually taken from his massive archive of photos. Matt goes by the online alias of ‘photomatt’ because he is constantly taking photos, he has literally tens of thousands of them in his catalog apparently!

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