Double Trouble

Claire and I experienced for the first time, how things can go wrong when you’ve got two small children to look after.

It started at about 10:30AM with Evie and her mid-morning feed. She didn’t seem that interested in it, which was odd as she normally guzzles it down, when she unleashed a nappy buster that the designers for Huggies clearly hadn’t accounted for. I don’t know where Evie was storing it all, but with so much volume, it leaked out everywhere – all over Evie, Claire & the sofa!

While we were cleaning up that mess, Hugo was picking up a little cane chair, moving it around the room and playing on it – which he has done countless times before. Unfortunately this time, while standing on the little chair, he overbalanced and banged his head into the side of the cot. I initially thought he might have just given himself a big fright, as there wasn’t any crying immediately afterwards – as it turns out, he was just drawing his breath in! In the second or two before I picked him up, the tears and blood were flowing. The by product, a nice line bruise above his right eye and a big, fat lip.

Within about two or three minutes of me soaking up the bulk of the blood with a tea towel and Hugo sucking on a nice cold, wet washer – he was calm again. This is the second time this year that Hugo has drawn blood and has managed to calm himself down quite quickly. It surprised me last time it happened and I thought he was as tough as old boots, but seeing it happen a second time as confirmed it.

I’m sure it won’t be the last time he’ll do it either!