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4 Car Motor Vehicle Accident

Mitsubishi Lancer, after rear ending a Mitsubishi Pajero at about 100kph
Mitsubishi Lancer, after rear ending a Mitsubishi Pajero at about 100kph

I left work early today to for an appointment at a Gold Coast physiotherapist not too far from home.

It was about 4:55PM and I was driving north on the M1, approaching exit 57 for Hope Island. At this time of day, there was a lot of traffic around and the intersection is notorious for being heavily congested as it serves as a massive interchange for some large roads. The traffic had already filled both of the offramp lanes and was now backing up a few hundred metres further down the M1 in the shoulder of the motorway. To give you an idea, the accident happened about 150m south of the overpass to the right of map marker A (see link above) and there was a few hundred metres of cars lined up behind us within seconds of the accident.

Mitsubishi Pajero, after being rear ended by a Mitsubishi Lancer at about 100kph
Mitsubishi Pajero, after being rear ended by a Mitsubishi Lancer at about 100kph

I indicated and slowed down like normal and just as I was coming to a rest I glanced into my right rear view mirror and thought to myself for a split second that I hope there isn’t an accident. Nearly as soon as that thought left my mind, all I can hear is an enormous smash as a dark blue Mitsubishi Lancer ploughed into the back of a Mitsubishi Pajero, which proceeded to hammer a Toyota Camry and then onto my Ford Telstar. Fortunately, I hadn’t come to a complete stop yet so was still a reasonable distance from the Mazda 3 in front of me and was able to stop my car before hitting it.

Toyota Camry, after being rear end by a Mitsubishi Pajero
Toyota Camry, after being rear end by a Mitsubishi Pajero

A lof of people that weren’t involved in the accident pulled over on the motorway to make sure everyone was okay, which I thought was fantastic. I’m sure to passing traffic, they must have got a shock as the man following the blue Lancer suggested that he didn’t even put his breaks on, or if he did – momentarily before he carreered into the back of the Pajero. After talking to the other drivers, the guy in the Mitsubishi Lancer said he wasn’t looking at the road, for some eight seconds (his words) – which scares the hell out of me. If that timing is true, eight seconds on the motorway is approximately 240m of travelling distance and a hell of a lot of things can happen in 240m of motorway, like say a four car multi-vehicle accident!

Ford Telstar, after being rear ended by a Toyota Camry
Ford Telstar, after being rear ended by a Toyota Camry

The emergency services were amazing, there was a motorbike police officer on the scene within five minutes and the first of the ambulances arrived a few minutes later, followed by fire engines, more police, ambulances & traffic control. Surprisingly, the tardiest of the lot were the tow trucks, who are normally like vultures circling waiting for something to die.

Incredibly, everyone came away from the accident with no or fairly light injuries. The guy in the Lancer had a broken finger and was struggling to breathe a little, which doesn’t surprise me given the rather abrupt stop he made coupled with the airbag. Probably the worst effected was the young woman in the Pajero, who took the brunt of the force and was really shaken up but visibly unharmed.

Being completely unsure what I should do in a multi-vehicle accident, I asked one of the police officers on the scene. They informed me that I didn’t need to worry about getting everyones details, they’d provide me with an incident number to provide to my insurance company. Now comes and interesting time ahead to see what’ll happen to the trusty Telstar!

WordPress 3.0 Upgrade

WordPress, the popular open source blogging software that powers this site and literally millions of others around the internet, has been updated to version 3.0. Version 3.0 has been some six months in the making, has seen contributions from 218 developers around the world and has resulted in a lot of new features and over 1217 enhancements and bug fixes.

I’ve gone through and updated all of the sites I own with the latest version, which is why my site looks different at the moment as I haven’t installed my old theme or bothered to make any changes to the new default Twenty Ten theme that ships with WordPress 3.0.

As predictable as the sun rising, the upgrade from the 2.9.x series of WordPress was simple, fast and no fuss. Back up your database and site contents in case something goes wrong as a precaution & then hit the go button. By the time you’ve depressed your mouse button, the upgrade is nearly complete.

I now just have to go through the paces of installing and checking all of the WordPress plugins that I use work with version 3.0, which should only take about half an hour or so.

Double Trouble

Claire and I experienced for the first time, how things can go wrong when you’ve got two small children to look after.

It started at about 10:30AM with Evie and her mid-morning feed. She didn’t seem that interested in it, which was odd as she normally guzzles it down, when she unleashed a nappy buster that the designers for Huggies clearly hadn’t accounted for. I don’t know where Evie was storing it all, but with so much volume, it leaked out everywhere – all over Evie, Claire & the sofa!

While we were cleaning up that mess, Hugo was picking up a little cane chair, moving it around the room and playing on it – which he has done countless times before. Unfortunately this time, while standing on the little chair, he overbalanced and banged his head into the side of the cot. I initially thought he might have just given himself a big fright, as there wasn’t any crying immediately afterwards – as it turns out, he was just drawing his breath in! In the second or two before I picked him up, the tears and blood were flowing. The by product, a nice line bruise above his right eye and a big, fat lip.

Within about two or three minutes of me soaking up the bulk of the blood with a tea towel and Hugo sucking on a nice cold, wet washer – he was calm again. This is the second time this year that Hugo has drawn blood and has managed to calm himself down quite quickly. It surprised me last time it happened and I thought he was as tough as old boots, but seeing it happen a second time as confirmed it.

I’m sure it won’t be the last time he’ll do it either!

Evie, 2 Weeks & Growing

Evie Lattimore, 2 weeks old
Evie has been with us now for about a fortnight and what an amazing ride it has been already.

Claire and I thought it was incredible when Hugo was born and it turns out that the miracle of birth isn’t lost the second time around either. It still absolutely amazes me how a baby can go from being inside the womb for the better part of a year, not breathing and being completely dependent on the mother and seconds after birth is crying as their lungs take on oxygen for the first time.

In my mind, I was expecting it to be really difficult when we got home with Evie with regard to the two kids getting enough rest. As it turns out, so far it appears as though Evie can sleep through a bomb going off or in other more practical terms – Hugo playing and going bonkers within close proximity of her. Claire and I are of course, really glad she has a tolerance for noise and Hugo doesn’t seem worried about the noise Evie makes throughout the course of the day and night either.

Looking after two little people has been a challenge, as we’re still trying to get the scheduling sorted out so we can be a little more organised. The difficult times are breakfast (~7AM) and dinner (~5PM) for the moment, as they collide directly with breakfast and dinner for Hugo as well. Once we’re a little more practiced, Claire and I might be able to get out of the house before 10:30AM – imagine making an appointment on time!

While Claire and Evie were still in Pindara Private Hospital, Evie dropped some weight directly after birth. The doctors allow or expect up to 10% of the birth weight to be lost and Evie dropped less than that, which we were happy about. Thursday was our first visit to the community health clinic to get Evie weighed and she was put on a fantastic amount of weight in the last fortnight, over 600gm!

Date Weight Length Head Circ
18/5/2010 3.60Kg 49cm 33.5cm
21/5/2010 3.41Kg
3/6/2010 4.04Kg

Evie has been a very good baby thus far, she is feeding, sleeping and making a mess as we’d expect. We’ve been really amazed by how strong her neck is already, it seems as though she is so much stronger than Hugo was at this age but it could just as easily be that we can’t remember quite clearly enough when Hugo was only a couple weeks old!

Stay tuned, more to come.

Hugo The Brave

Hugo Lattimore, 20 months old
Yesterday we popped down to the medical centre at Helensvale to get the 18 month immunisation injections for Hugo.

Claire and I were incredibly impressed with Hugo, the nurse gave him his injection and he didn’t even bat an eye lid – no tears, no thrashing around, just a beautifully well behaved brave boy. In fact, he was more interested in the tiny bandaid the nurse wanted to put on the injection point, than the fact he’d just had an injection.

While we were there, Hugo was also officially measured again which we haven’t had done for quite sometime:

Date Weight Length Head Circ
4/9/2008 3.84Kg 52.5cm 35cm
17/9/2008 4.01Kg
24/9/2008 4.14Kg
1/10/2008 4.41Kg
15/10/2008 5.34Kg 61cm 38cm
22/10/2008 5.64Kg
29/10/2008 6.13Kg
4/11/2008 64.5cm
12/11/2008 6.84Kg
26/11/2008 7.26Kg
10/12/2008 7.85Kg
06/01/2009 8.75Kg 70cm 42cm
06/03/2009 10.60Kg 73cm 44cm
08/09/2009 13.10Kg 83cm 45.9cm
02/06/2010 14.98Kg 93cm 48.5cm

At just under 15Kg and 93cm tall, he is on the 97th percentile for weight and doesn’t register on the chart for height.