Improper Right Turn

The Gold Coast is still recovering from the SuperGP that was held last week and over the weekend. As a result of the racing carnival being on the Gold Coast, there are serious road closures as a result.

Last week as a by product of the closures, there was a significant amount of pressure put on roads that don’t normally cater for that volume of traffic and there was some very slow and long drives home – one of which took me nearly one and a half hours.

On the way home from work yesterday, I pulled out of the Circle on Cavill car park and was about to head south and suffer through the traffic again and then noticed a bit of an opportunity. Just before I pulled out onto Ferny Avenue, I noticed that the traffic was on red lights at Ferny Avenue and Beach Road and either a police officer on the ground or red lights was holding the traffic on Thomas Drive heading into Chevron Island.

The opportunity I speak of, was a not quite so legal right turn or legally speaking an improper right turn. If you view the intersection of Cavill Avenue & Ferny Avenue in Google Street View, you’ll see it is marked turn left only but directly in front there is a nice big break in the traffic island.

Opportunistically, given the traffic was held at both lights and there was literally not a single car in sight – I nipped through the break in the traffic island to head north on Ferny Avenue. Of course, this all ended in tears and a traffic violation when, as soon as I pulled out, a Gold Coast Highway Patrol car exited the pick up and drop off area for Mantra Circle on Cavill.

There is a lesson in all of this though, the law is always watching or at least watching Surfers Paradise the week after the Gold Coast SuperGP!