Best iPhone Apps According to First & 20

I stumbled onto a neat site today named First & 20, which lets you show people how you have your home screen on your iPhone configured. The neat thing about the site is that it keeps track of how many times different iPhone apps have been used on a home screen, which essentially is like users voting for the best iPhone apps. The site doesn’t put any restriction on what type of application you use on your home screen either, just that you think it warrants being on your home screen, paid or free – it doesn’t matter. While looking through the different configurations I’ve just found a raft of useful iPhone apps that I didn’t even knew existed – so that’ll help me out for sure when I finally get my hands on a new iPhone.

3 thoughts on “Best iPhone Apps According to First & 20

  1. Al just order one from you can do so on the plans from the telcos and it will be in your hands in like 3 business days, I visted the the apple retail store in Sydney to grab mine last week and haven’t looked back since :).

  2. I did consider ordering one from the Apple web site. While I really wanted an iPhone, I wasn’t in a rush as I had to waiting for my current contract lapse, so I figured another couple weeks or more wasn’t going to hurt.

    After all was said and done, I managed to pick up a new iPhone 3GS on the weekend from a nearby Vodafone shop.

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