Parrott AR.Drone, The Ultimate iPhone/iPod Accessory

Parrott have just released the Parrott AR.Drone, a four bladed helicopter or quadricopter, which is controlled by an iPhone or iPod Touch. They utilise the motion sensitive nature of the Apple products to make controlling it intuitive, with the connection handled through WiFi. It gets better though, much much better – the AR.Drone has two video camera’s, one is used by the quadricopter to aid in flight, the second streams in real time straight into the iPhone or iPod Touch.

No pricing has been released for it yet but if they can manage to make it even passingly affordable, I can’t even begin to imagine how many of them they are going to sell. While everyone thought that micro-helicopters and planes about the size of a deck of cards were incredible – the AR.Drone and itsĀ derivativesĀ are taking that to a whole new level.