100 Push Up Challenge, Strength Test

For the last couple of weeks while working through the 100 pushup challenge, I’ve been peaking in the final set at between 60-65 push ups. I was getting quite worried that I wasn’t going to be able to complete the personal fitness challenge, until I managed to do 73 in the final session in week six. That made me think that I should be able to get through the 100 pushups for the final strength test but wasn’t quite willing to bet the house on it.

As it turns out, it was lucky that I didn’t bet the house on it as I failed in my first attempt at the 100 pushup challenge and only manged to do 98! I was really close but I began to really struggle when I got to 85 and by 95 I could barely lift my weight. Not wanting to go down without a fight, I took a ten second break, literally, did another 20 pushups and collapsed after completing 118 in total.

Unfortunately however, while 10 seconds isn’t very long – I didn’t make it though the fitness test. I’m going to repeat week six and increase all of the numbers per set and see how I go next weekend. A little disappointing, I was really hoping to get through it but I’m not completely disappointed beacuse of the additional 20 I managed.

Next week I will succeed!

3 thoughts on “100 Push Up Challenge, Strength Test

  1. Hey man, I’m hitting week 3 this week, column 3… I’ve been trying to push myself to do more than the min required set each time too, so far so good. Any tips? I’m thinking that doing it after dinner is not such a great idea and should be focusing on early evening or morning. What time of the day have you been doing it?

  2. I’ve been doing mine at about 7PM, straight after Hugo hits the hay for the evening.

    I did do it one night after dinner, that didn’t work out well – I was’t sick but I could feel that I was exercising on a stomach full of food which wasn’t be best.

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