100 Push Up Challenge, Week 6

After starting the one hundred pushup challenge half way through July, I have now completed all of the required sessions which will theoretically allow me to do 100 push ups consecutively.

Session one was probably the hardest in week six, which you might find a little strange. It involved five sets, with a minimum set of 35 and not less than 55 in the fifth for a total of 220 push ups. The third set from week five I completed a total of 235 push ups over eight sets but doing the same number of five sets really pushed me and I was only able to meet the requirement.

Session two jumped from five sets upto nine sets but on lower repetitions per set. Workout number two required a minimum of 18 in any set, not less than 58 in the ninth set for a total of 246 pushups. As I mentioned perviously, the lower repetition count sets suit me far better and I managed to meet or exceed the requirement for a total of 268 pushups. Frustratingly, in a few fitness workouts I’ve managed to get between 60 and 65 in the final set but I haven’t managed to exceed it – which was beginning to sow seeds of doubt that I’d be able to make it the 100 pushups.

Session three was nine sets and was going to be a challenge, as it required a minimum of 274 total pushups in the workout – up approximately 30 from the previous session which is a big jump. The workout required a minimum of 22 in any set and not less than 60 in the ninth. To try and get past the magical 60-65 pushup barrier that I seemed to be stuck on, I trained per the requirements and managed 73 pushups in the ninth set – which I was very happy about.

Now I just need to get through the final 100 pushup strength test in the next day or two.

One thought on “100 Push Up Challenge, Week 6

  1. I reckon at this point you will probably knock off 100, when starting from scratch, with ease. In fact I guess you could end up at maybe 120 or more.

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