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Australian Idol 2008: Early Predictions

Sunday night saw the final 12 contestants for Australian Idol 2008 perform and it was a pretty strong showing across the board from the idol contestants. Never the less, there is always certain people within the group that have the edge over their competitors and below is my take on it and listed in no particular order.

My Picks

Madam Parker
Wow, is the right place to start with Madam. Another New Zealander that has made it through to the finals of Australian Idol and unless something goes horribly wrong for her will be in the final few.
Chrislyn Hamilton
One of the younger Australian Idol competitors in 2008, however delivered an outstanding performance and is definitely a contender.
Wes Carr
Excellent voice and we’ve seen quite a bit of diversity from him already in his voice. He is also an avid writer, plays the piano and also the guitar.
Mark Spano
Looks like an unlikely kind of a bloke to be on stage, however has so far delivered two great songs and has an excellent voice. I’d definitely be keeping an eye on him to progress through the early rounds of Australian Idol 2008.
Roshani Priddis
Outstanding voice for such a physically small person and after performing for so long, controls the stage and audience very well.
Luke Dickens
The token occa Australian in the competition, a sheep shearer by trade and a music lover by night. An excellent untamed voice that through its rawness delivers some great music.

In With A Chance

Thanh Bui
A solid voice but has delivered some mixed performances. While I think there is a lot of room for improvement, I don’t think he has what it takes to win when compared against Roshani or Madam.
Jonny Taylor
Looks very rock and roll but so far has delivered a bit of a mixed bag. The first performance was a random song choice and then backed it up with a Pearl Jam classic that was performed quite well but didn’t quite deliver. I’d like to see him say in the contest for at least another couple of weeks to see what he has to offer but he is at risk at the moment I think.
Brooke Addamo
Nice voice, looks great on stage but the performance she delivered last night didn’t live up to the original. I suspect that she’ll go through a round but will be one of the contestants that’ll leave early on unless her next performance is outstanding.
Teale Jakubenko
Another solid voice, however not good enough to make it through and I’d expect him to leave the competition in the first few weeks.

Out Of The Running

Sophie Paterson
An okay voice, however slides through key changes a little and has what I’d consider terrible enunciation for a singer which was also commented on by the judges in her latest performance. I’d be surprised to see Sophie go through more than the first two or three rounds.
Tom Williams
Nice enough young man, however as far as I can see so far – his voice isn’t strong enough to win, in my opinion his age and maturity are going to be a problem as well. Unfortunately, all of the young teeny boppers will vote for him as they think he is cute, all the while allowing someone with a much better chance of winning fall by the side of the road. The sooner he is knocked out of the competition the better, welcome back next year I say.

CoolerMaster Power Supply Installation Problems

After having to wait over five weeks to have my original CoolerMaster power supply replaced due to a fault (the fan was making wurring noises), I’ve gone to install the replacement and I’m still having problems – just different ones.

I’ve gone through the installation process for the power supply once more, plugged everything back in, pressed the power button and I receive a very high pitched squeal from my machine immediately. It’s not the kind of noise you get when you plug your computer components together incorrectly, like a beep beep style noise – it’s different again and not something that I really appreciate my machine generating as it’s quite piercing.

Thinking I’ve missed something really simple (and I’m not ruling that out yet), I’ve re-read the manual for the power supply and the Asus P5E motherboard to make sure I’m plugging the right leads into the appropriate connectors and everything seems correct.

I’m not sure what is going on, so I’m about to pull everything apart and reset the motherboard and all components in case while moving everything around I’ve managed to bump something that didn’t take kindly to the bumping.

Please don’t let it be a dead on arrival power supply or I’m going to throttle someone.

Faulty Products & Customer Service

Approximately six weeks ago, the CoolerMaster 550w Extreme power supply I bought at the start of the year as part of my computer upgrade to re-establish my geek prowess decided it was a good time to start making wurring noises.

Realising that it was going to be covered by warranty, I took it back to my place of purchase expecting to have it replaced on the spot as they aren’t an expensive item. Despite the fact that the computer shop moves an incredible amount of stock, they weren’t able to replace it on the spot and it had to be sent back to the manufacturer.

No problem, so I fill in the forms to have it sent away and I’m told that I should have it repaired or replaced within about two weeks. A little over a week passes and I haven’t heard anything and then out of the blue I receive an automated email telling me that they have actually processed my power supply to be sent back to the manufacturer. At this point I was pretty annoyed, they’ve burnt up over half their suggested time frame through in-action – but we’ll move past that.

Another fortnight passes from the date that they finally processed it and still nothing, at which point I’ve now been waiting the better part of a month to have a $100 power supply replaced. I give them a call and they tell me that it has now left the manufacturer and should be back to them within a matter of days and I’ll receive another email when it arrives, excellent!

Roughly another fortnight passes and still nothing, so I called again to find out what was going on to rattle someones cage. I inevitably hear the words that I knew was going to happen from the offset – that it was in fact back with them and not to my surprise, I didn’t receive an email when they processed it again.

All in all it too between five and six weeks to have a $100 power supply replaced which they would have had in stock. I’m sure this isn’t a unique story or process in having a product returned to the manufacturer, however when you’re talking about a $100 item and not a $500 or $3000 item – the turn around times become a little hard to accept, when in the end I was given a brand new item anyway.

Hugo Rankin Lattimore

Hugo Rankin Lattimore, born 12:50PM 4 September 2008 at Pindara Private Hospital Gold Coast (3840gm/8lb 8oz and 52.5cm)Claire and I became parents for the first time on Thursday 4th September at approximately 12:50PM when we welcomed a little boy named Hugo Rankin Lattimore into the world.

Hugo weighed in at a neat 3840gm or 8lb 8oz in the old scale and was 52.5cm long. According to the height/weight charts for births, those figures places Hugo roughly within or just above the averages for births.

Claire and Hugo are doing really well and we’re extremely proud, excited and blessed to have such a wonderful addition to start our family.

More to follow!

Game Time

Claire and I were due to be parents, at least according to the due date estimates, on the 31 August. As it turned out, that wasn’t to be and when we met with our doctor leading into the birth they scheduled an induction just in case. After no action for the last few days, the ‘just in case’ appointment is going to come in handy as Claire is going to be induced tonight at midnight. In really simple terms, in less than 24 hours – we should be proud new parents!