CoolerMaster Power Supply Installation Problems

After having to wait over five weeks to have my original CoolerMaster power supply replaced due to a fault (the fan was making wurring noises), I’ve gone to install the replacement and I’m still having problems – just different ones.

I’ve gone through the installation process for the power supply once more, plugged everything back in, pressed the power button and I receive a very high pitched squeal from my machine immediately. It’s not the kind of noise you get when you plug your computer components together incorrectly, like a beep beep style noise – it’s different again and not something that I really appreciate my machine generating as it’s quite piercing.

Thinking I’ve missed something really simple (and I’m not ruling that out yet), I’ve re-read the manual for the power supply and the Asus P5E motherboard to make sure I’m plugging the right leads into the appropriate connectors and everything seems correct.

I’m not sure what is going on, so I’m about to pull everything apart and reset the motherboard and all components in case while moving everything around I’ve managed to bump something that didn’t take kindly to the bumping.

Please don’t let it be a dead on arrival power supply or I’m going to throttle someone.