Antenatal Class #5

This week Claire and I attended our last antenatal class before the birth of our first child!

The fifth session was a more of a hands on session than a lecture like the last four have been. Everyone in the class had to learn how to wrap a baby in a wrap a number of different ways and also change a nappy. Wrapping up the toy baby was pretty funny, specifically watching different people in the class essentially tie their baby in a knot – there was quite a bit of laughter.

At this stage we’re meant to know everything that we need to know about having a baby, though for me personally it doesn’t feel like it. I wouldn’t say that I’m completely calm about the whole experience, though I’m not stressed out either. My thinking at this point is that plenty of people before us have had children and survived – statistically speaking that puts us in pretty good shape.

Starting a family is going to be an enormous learning experience and at this point in time, I know I don’t know it all. Not having it all mapped out in your head is part of the experience I think though, changes in priorities and different views and opinions about things. We’ll learn as we go along, making mistakes and hopefully learning how to make less of them in the future.

One piece of information that Alex (the midwife that instructs the Gold Coast antenatal classes we attended) pointed out is that while babies are tiny and helpless, they are also surprisingly resilient – lucky because there’ll be plenty of on the fly learning going on I think!

2 thoughts on “Antenatal Class #5

  1. I am no expert but I can part this knowledge. The first few months is just about survival for Mum and Dad. The bub just plods along with you and lets you know what it wants. Just don’t forget to make the most of all those precious cuddles while bub is still so little. With a blink of an eye it will be the 1st birthday. We all can’t wait to meet your little bundle. Good luck and may the baby gods be looking down on you!!! xoxoxo

  2. There’s change a comin! but its all good. working all day and playin ‘puter all night should make you used to the lack of sleep everyone else (Claire) will be feelin :) If you can both deal with the minimal solid sleep you may have been used to before then the rest almost takes care of itself.

    Good luck, best wishes, we can’t wait to come and meet the little unit!

    Chinchilla Lattimores

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