Antenatal Class #3

The third of our five antenatal classes were on tonight, which largely covered the different types of medical interventions, what the typical trigger points for each of them are and preventative measures to avoid them if possible.

We got to inspect a couple of the different instruments that the doctors use, such as the vacuum and forceps. The vacuum was pretty interesting, the majority of the doctors at Pindara Private use one made by a company named Kiwi, which is made of plastic and disposable while two use a metal one which looks quite similar to a metal bath plug. While I’d heard of forceps many times before, I’d never seen them first hand — they were described to us as really expensive salad tongs and that was pretty accurate. After seeing them and how they are used, I can now also see why people prefer not to have them used.

We also watched an elective caesarean section, I’d seen different parts of them before but this was end to end. It really is a very clinical exercise, which makes a lot of sense since it is major stomach surgery. Neither Claire or I really want to have to go down that path if we can avoid it – everything we’ve read and learned from different sources says its not all that kind to the body. Of course, as per the you’re there to have a baby not a birth statement from the antenatal class #2 – if a caesarean is what it takes, then we’re all for it.

I think a lot of the other class members were also a little disappointed that the anesthetist couldn’t make it tonight. He was booked in for 7PM, however Alex (the instructor) didn’t get notified of a cancellation – so I’d assume something important cropped up.

Next week we’re going to take a tour of the Pindara Private Hospital, which will be good – with a bit of luck I’ll remember my way around the inside of it and not get lost!